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So you’ve booked your Barbados vacation, but what about a hired car? Rental cars are integral to making sure that you’re about to maximise your time on the island and make the most of getting to see and do as much as possible while here. Whether you’re coming for a well-deserved winter break or you’re here on business, mobility is going to make your stay that much more pleasurable and productive. Barbados has a very well developed and dense road network, meaning that the whole island is accessible by ordinary vehicles. Business trips become so much more productive when you can set your schedule based on being able to drive from appointment to appointment. Truth is, the island doesn’t feature roving taxi service like you would find in big cities, so arrangements need to be made in advance or cars must be called when you’re ready to move, which can add to your down times and raise the cost of transit.  Having a hired car means that you can arrive and drive at your convenience and on your own schedule. Maximising your face time with clients and prospects. Sensible medium sized sedans seating 4/5 or the more spacious Suzuki APV tend to be the choice for those doing business. The flexibility of the Suzuki APV allows for marketing collateral or equipment to be easily transported, or a team of up to seven adults. If you’re vacationing, and enjoying the ‘winter’ sunshine on offer, then your level of enjoyment is definitely going to be tied to your mobility. The freedom to move on your own schedule to explore whatever attraction or beach is on your tour for the day is the main fillip for wanting to have your own rental car at your disposal. Getting around by taxi while in Barbados can be far less cost effective than renting a vehicle, depending on your length of stay and plans for your trip. Our fleet of easy to drive automatic fully loaded cars are diverse in their choices, from the ubiquitous tourist ‘Moke’ to medium sized SUV’s like the Suzuki Vitara and Ford Ecosport. If you’re not familiar with the ‘mini moke’ concept. This hired car is a staple of island vacations. Its open sides (there are no doors) and canvas top make it the ultimate rental car for island vacations. Seating four adults, it is a recipe for fun and an experience to tell your friends and family back home. It’s motoring al fresco at its most fun. No matter what your travel situation, Stoute’s Car Rental is likely to have the option that you need for personal transportation needs while on your tropical island vacation or business trip. With available options like GPS and child seats, you and the whole family can be comfortable in your rental car, as you explore the boundless beauty of Barbados.
Happy New Year! So, it is now 2017 and you’ve resolved to either come back to your beloved winter island retreat destination or you’re treating yourself to the trip of a lifetime. A tropical getaway is always appreciated at this time of year, especially for our friends in the colder climes. Remember that Barbados is mere hours away from the US or UK, so all in the same day you could shovel your way out of the driveway to relax on the white sandy beaches by afternoon. One of the things which can make driving in a foreign country, especially if it is on the other side of the road, is choosing the right rental car for your trip. Not only should you consider the number of people in your party and your space requirements on the day of highest demand, but suitability of your vehicle to the road size and conditions is also crucial. In Barbados, we drive on the left side of the road, so for many of our visitors that is the opposite side to your norm. However, don’t let that faze you – as we say in Bajan vernacular.  Stoute’s Car Rental offers a careful considered and wide range of vehicles suited to the most common driving needs and requirements of our guests. Remembering that our roads are generally smaller than American roads and many UK dual carriageways, it means that the cars available to you, especially those from the USA, will be smaller than you’re used to driving in your home country. This is a good thing! It goes back to suitability for conditions. At Stoute’s we have cars from the size of the Mini Moke/Kia Picanto to the 7 seater Suzuki APV van. For the single traveller or the couple with 2 kids the Kia Picanto sized vehicles and the Suzuki Jimny mini-SUV are the right ticket. These smaller hired cars offer space for 4, but are best suited to children up to younger teens in the back and adults in the front. They’re not big on the luggage space, but they’re very capable day trippers and perfect for negotiating the small country lanes and when parking, especially in Bridgetown.    The standard size car which you will find on the road in Barbados is going to be the Toyota’s Yaris and Corolla and Kia Cerato sized vehicles. This size vehicle has the right mix between personal space and external dimensions to suit our driving conditions on island. Their engine size is well suited to the driving demands and you’ll blend seamlessly into the normal road traffic in your hired car. No matter what your travel situation, Stoute’s Car Rental is likely to have the option that you need for personal transportation while on your island vacation. With available options like GPS and child seats, you and the whole family can be comfortable in your rental car, as you explore the boundless beauty of Barbados.
Sometimes the best adventure in a foreign land is to just let yourself be taken by the allure of your surroundings. Nowhere is this more apt than in Barbados. Now while this may sound like strange advice in the confines of your GPS equipped hired car, it can lead to some of the best days in the tropics. One thing you will learn during your stay on the island, is that there is a special vibe wherever you go, and while there is a rhythm to everything, it is just as enjoyable to relax and enjoy it, as it is to take it all in. For the adventurous among us, just driving and relying on signposts and your sense of direction is going to be more than enough to get you around Barbados. But the fun comes in the discovery of the little villages along the way, with their village rum shops and churches. They say that Barbados has as many churches as it does rum shops, and we have over 1,200 rum shops! These shops are a village staple, and will have everything from the ubiquitous Bajan rum to soap and essentials, and usually some of the best baked good around. This includes fresh baked bread and delectable ham ‘cutters’ (ham in a salted bun) to pudding and souse and other Bajan delicacies. Some of the best authentic Bajan cuisine is to be found in the back roads, and sometimes even being brought to you by the many food vans roaming the countryside. It should be a part of your experience. These GPS-free jaunts in your rental car also allow you to discover such uniquely Barbadian pass-times such as road tennis, village cricket, street corner draughts/dominoes/cards and sometimes even an excursion. Another benefit can be the discovery of smaller uncrowded beaches not highlighted on your average tourist map, but which offer lovely sea bathing without the additional company of many beach-goers. Not to worry, Barbados is as safe as they come and locals are always willing to help a tourist who has found their way off of the beaten path. The sight of a hired car in many villages triggers a rush to see who can help the lost tourist first. It’s like another island pass-time. Barbadians are famed for their hospitality, so don’t be surprised if someone invites you to share a beverage or a small delicacy with them, or offers up to have you partake in a nearby activity, ‘as you’re in the area’. So, remember, getting lost in Barbados may not have been your mission when you left your hotel or guest house, but it can be the best part of your vacation in island paradise. You can’t enjoy this adventure without a hired car from the right rental car company. Happy Holidays!
‘Bim, I love you. Bim I am proud of you.’ Words and a sentiment immortalized by soca star Red Plastic Bag in his 1984 song entitled, simply, Bim. A feeling shared not only be Barbadians across the diaspora, but also by many of the millions who have visited our shores. By now you’re asking yourself, who is this Bim? Bim is Barbados to all Bajans. A term of affection and endearment whenever uttered. As we enter the final countdown to Celebrating 50: The 50th Anniversary of our Independence, Barbadians the world over are converging on our shores to join in the celebrations and reconnect with their homeland. Beaches and parks all over the island, normally quiet at this time of year, are alive with the buzz of locals and visitors seeking to explore Barbados and all that it has to offer. The only way to fit this all in, especially for the visitor is to have access to a rental car. The freedom afforded by a reliable and comfortable hire, allows maximum enjoyment of each precious day of your vacation. If you are going to be visiting our shores this month, you’re in for a special treat. Chances are that you’ve come to take advantage of the relatively quiet period in the hotels and restaurants and maybe to enjoy a deal or two on your island holiday. However, this is going to truly be a special vacation due to the celebrations. Even your daily staple: Eat. Beach. Sleep. Repeat. Is going to be made more enjoyable by the Independence spirit. Driving around the island in your rental car will reveal a patriotic splendor, unmatched in recent years. Be prepared to be greeted at roundabouts with elaborate decorations and lights, drive by buildings draped in ultramarine, gold and black bunting and washed in similarly coloured lights. Exploring the major towns: Bridgetown, Holetown, Speightstown and Oistins; is going to be your best bet for immersing yourself in the cultural celebrations day or night, and it’s only going to get better all month long. To follow all that is going on for the month, please visit: Whether just passing through on business or here for a holiday of a lifetime, your freedom to move around the island is going to be paramount to your enjoyment of our little rock. Barbados is well covered by public transport and there are many taxis available at known tourist points. However, you cannot beat the convenience and savings of having your own hired car at your disposal. Choosing the right rental car company and hiring the right GPS equipped car, is integral to you buckling up and enjoying the trip of a lifetime in Barbados! Happy 50th Anniversary of Independence Barbados!
October is synonymous worldwide with everyone in #thinkpink mode celebrating their part in the fight against breast cancer. Barbados is no different, with awareness campaigns at a fever pitch and the definite Caribbean twist is evident in the various events and initiatives planned for the month. However, this year things are a little different. We’re in the final countdown to Celebrating 50! On November 30, 2016, we will be celebrating our 50th anniversary of Independence from England. There will be Bajans from all over the world converging on the island to join the celebrations. The diaspora has been awakened by the global outreach programmes targeting them and ensuring that everyone is aware of the plans. Integral to those plans is going to be making sure that if you’re travelling, that you’ve booked your hired car well in advance. Car rentals are projected to be at an unprecedented high for this time of year. If you’re not coming for the celebrations, have no fear, all of the regular attractions available across the island are in full swing. With some planning there are even some off-season bargains to be had, as October is traditionally the month of preparation for much of the tourism stock in the island. Initiatives such as Re-Discover Barbados Dine Around Programme offer visitors the chance to eat top class 3 course meals for a fraction of the normal prices for nosh like this. Having the freedom of a rental car to drive around the island, also allows tourists the chance to experience the quaint Barbadiana which is Moontown by night, while still being able to make it clear across the island to check out the Friday night action at the Oistins Bay Garden Fish Fry. You can also make the most of your days, with 4-hour catamaran cruises leaving you enough time to nip into Bridgetown for a quick round of duty free shopping or zip up the coast to the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre for luxury shopping par excellence. No matter what your plans are for your vacation enjoyment or if you’re visiting on business, mobility is the key to making the most of your trip to the island. Barbados is well covered by public transport and there are many taxis available at known tourist points. However, you cannot beat the convenience and savings of having your own hired car at your disposal. Choosing the right rental car company and hiring the right GPS equipped car, is integral to you buckling up and enjoying the ride of a lifetime in Barbados! 
So you’ve been wondering where the tropical holiday of your dreams awaits and up pops Barbados at the top of your list. Now what? Well thanks to the efforts of the Barbados Tourism Management Inc. (BTMI) airlift into the island from the United States and Europe is on a high and continues to grow, making it easier for you to get on island and to the business of vacation. With the winter coming, it is high time you made that booking to escape to the warm tropical waters of our island. This is also great news for the diaspora, as Bajans abroad and friends of our little island get ready to celebrate 50 years of Independence, culminating on November 30, 2016. This once a lifetime celebration kicked off earlier in the year in Independence Square in Bridgetown, and has continued throughout the year to touch all coasts and corners of the island. As a visitor looking to celebrate with native Bajans, the only way to enjoy the celebrations is with the freedom of a hired car to get around the island. Across the 11 parishes and 4 major towns of Barbados there continue to be a plethora of events under the theme 50Barbados: celebrating Pride & Industry with many based around the travels of the ceremonial Broken Trident. Having a rental car at your disposal would make your participation a cinch. Of course, with Independence around the corner and celebrations well underway you will need to make your decisions now in order not to be disappointed. And with the party continuing to the end of the year, winter plans are in order now. OK, so you’ve managed to get here and now what? Barbados is an extremely vibrant island, especially by Caribbean standards. Being able to move freely and drive the length and breadth of the island makes a huge difference to the average visitor’s enjoyment and quality of their holiday. Having a quality hired car from world recognized brands backed by fantastic rental service and roadside assistance, if needed, makes the difference to our clients. While Barbados is relatively small, it has one of the most dense paved road networks in the world. Utilising a rental car is the perfect solution for the traveller looking for adventure and convenience while enjoying your Barbados vacation. Catering to the business traveller is also at the top of our list, as not all visitors to the island are here just for the stunning sea and sand. A visit to our pristine white sand beaches is just a perk for some, as they are on island to participate in business meetings and transactions across the island. Having a hired car is perfect in this situation, as the freedom to do business on your terms means you can improve your efficiency and make the most out of your trip. Choosing the right rental car company and hiring the right GPS equipped car, is integral to you buckling up and enjoying the ride of a lifetime in Barbados!
You’ve made your choice and Barbados is the winner. You’ve carefully planned your itinerary and all you need to make it all work is the freedom to drive around the island on your own schedule. Choosing the right hired car for your travels makes all the difference and that’s where we come in. We can offer more cost-effective transportation solutions for you, especially when compared to getting around the island by taxi. At Stoute’s Car Rental we offer a range of small to mid-sized cars to suit your needs and to enhance your comfort on the smaller Bajan roads. Many of our country lanes can be quite narrow and are far easier to navigate in smaller vehicles. Many of our clients, especially those from North America, find it much easier to adjust to the smaller proportions in a proportionately smaller automobile. Our range goes from the Kia Picanto to the ever popular and reliable Toyota Corolla. The Picanto is a versatile little car which is best suited to a couple or those with a couple of young children. This vehicle is comfortable and well powered for its size with the ability to easily maneuver both on the road and in tight spaces and the city.  While small on the outside, interior room is great and is further enhanced by the ability to fold flat the back seats to create a cavernous space into the hatch. If you require something a little bigger our Toyota Yaris sedans are just the right fit for you and your family. With one of the best in class interiors for both size and functionality it is hard to beat this versatile little number. The Yaris is especially adept at swallowing a couple child seats, either forward or rear facing making ideal for your young family. Just up in size, and perfect for those trips in groups of 4-5 are the mid-sized sedans – the Toyota Corolla or the Kia Cerato. These are some of the more popular and reliable models of car seen on the roads around Barbados and their ideal size makes them perfect for your family’s hire car choice. Offering all of the right creature comforts, either of these sedans will easily accommodate 4-5 adults in air-conditioned comfort as you make your way around the island. The great styling easily lets you slip from the luxury of the west coast to the rugged beauty of the east coast and everywhere in between without feeling like you’ve pulled up in the wrong automobile. For more information on these or any of our other comfortable and reliable models on offer, visit our website and make the best choice for your island adventure in paradise. Free yourself from the bus schedules or taxi itineraries and hire the right GPS equipped car, buckle up and enjoy the ride of a lifetime in Barbados!
So you’ve decided to come to Barbados for a visit and now you’re planning your daily movements. For the true freedom to enjoy your vacation a hired car is the only way to go. Getting around Barbados by taxi is not going to be as cost effective as renting a car. Many visitors prefer to rent an SUV for the duration of their stay. The simple fact is that many drivers feel more confident in an SUV, especially when navigating unfamiliar roads and terrain.   Stoute’s Car Rental has a range of 4x4 vehicles to suit your needs. For the single or couple, we have the perfect small SUV in the Suzuki Jimny. This versatile go anywhere vehicle is the right size for two people, but will also carry 4 persons in comfort over short distances, or two kids in the back seat. Many of our renters also find the size perfect for the roads in Barbados. It is easy to navigate the smaller country lanes and is very easy to park and negotiate tight spaces. At Stoute’s we have the Jimny available to you in both hard and soft top for maximum enjoyment.   If you require a little something larger in the SUV family of vehicles, we also have the Suzuki Grand Vitara, Toyota RAV4 or the Ford EcoSport. Both of these capable vehicles offer more space and luxury than the smaller Suzuki Jimny, and are a great rental car for those travelling in groups of 4/5. Apart from the aforementioned attributes, we recommend this hired car for the adventure traveller. Those enjoying the many action sports which Barbados has to offer like surfing, kiteboarding, windsurfing, etc. find this choice to be a good one for the go-anywhere ability.    However, if you’re looking at moving people and stuff then your best bet, in the range, is going to be the Suzuki APV. This versatile 7 seater is a favourite for those with larger families or travelling in larger groups. Configured right, they are also great for those moving around with lots of gear, like a photographer, surfer, windsurfer, kite boarder, musician, etc. These capable vans are a worthy alternative to the SUV if your needs require an appropriately sized people mover to traverse the island.   As always, there is plenty do around Barbados especially if you have the freedom of a hired car. So when you’re booking your trip and looking for the perfect itinerary; remember, load up the GPS and buckle into your rental car for the trip of a lifetime in Barbados!
So we’re safely and happily through another very successful FLOW King of the Hill and SOL Rally Barbados.  As a sponsor of the event we want to congratulate Jeffrey Panton and Michael Fennel Jr. on back-to-back wins on the Rally in their Rubis Ford Focus WRC08. Jeff made a clean sweep of the week, as he tied for first overall in the previous week on the King of the Hill event. Thanks to all of the fans, marshals, officials, organisers and competitors who helped to make this event another undeniable success. This means that we’re about to transition to our next season: Crop Over – Celebrating our Culture. Showcasing our Pride.  June sees the completion of all of the band launches revealing costumes to the potential revellers and raising the excitement level and sense of anticipation of the ‘Crop Over Bear’. The ‘Crop Over Bear’ is the legendary reveller who ‘hibernates’ all year long to appear with the first calypsos of the year and continuing to party until the end of Grand Kadooment. The upcoming summer months will be devoted celebrating the end of the traditional sugar cane harvest during The Sweetest Summer Festival. There will be a distinct island feel throughout Barbados with soca music on the radio and in stores and restaurants island-wide. The whole country will be dancing to a different beat. As you drive around in your rental car there will be unmistakable atmosphere of an imminent carnival celebration wanting to break out on every junction. To say nothing of the nightlife. If you’re the partying sort, then you will love the choices that multiply during ‘the season’. Of course as always the pristine white sandy beaches await the traveller who doesn’t fancy the unique party lifestyle and wishes to explore the island at their leisure.  There’s always the Hero (Caribbean Premier League) CPL T20 cricket, as well, which ramps up in July at the legendary Kensington Oval. The Barbados Tridents will be in action for four matches in July, which promises to add even more drama and excitement to an already packed summer. Driving around the countryside in your rental car you are treated to cricket matches in full swing on strategically placed roadside grounds, oft times bordered by the beach on one side and the coast road on the other. As always, there is plenty do around Barbados especially if you have the freedom of a hired car. So when you’re booking your trip and looking for the perfect itinerary; remember, load up the GPS and buckle into your rental car for the trip of a lifetime in Barbados!
DJ Bravo’s hit Champion Song has summed up the prevailing mood in the Caribbean and Barbados right now. Our Under 19, Women’s and Men’s cricket teams took on all comers in India and came out champions in all of the ICC Twenty20 Cricket World Cup divisions. An unprecedented feat! Sufficed to say, it is a great time to be in Barbados to soak up the atmosphere, thicker than normal with swelled Bajan pride in Caribbean citizenship. As we gear up for the annual Crop Over celebrations including our world famous Kadooment Day masquerade carnival, the festivities are wending their way into another great reason to have a good time. Revelry is the name of the game and from the end of this month until the first Monday in August, the cultural showcase is epic. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. On our way there, we first have May, the month of motorsport in Barbados. This year sees competition happening every weekend in disciplines including karting, circuit racing, drag racing, and International rallying. There is something for everyone. The month opens with a bang with the Barbados Festival of Speed. This event is a mix of international and local motorsport, including Superbikes, Radicals, Suzuki Swifts, Monster Trucks, Banger Cars, Classic Cars and features 3-time Formula 1 World Driver’s Champion Lewis Hamilton, MBE in his Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 car. The month culminates with the annual SOL Rally Barbados – the premiere rally event in the Caribbean which features WRC and top 2WD machinery from the Region, UK, Ireland & Europe vying to dethrone local aces. Our charge is led by Roger ‘The Sheriff’ Skeete in his Subaru Impreza WRC S12B. This local rally legend has won this event an unprecedented 13 times! If you’re a motorsport lover, jump in your rental car and get ready to follow these champions across the island. Of course, the beautiful sunsets and scenery promised in the brochures is still in full effect. Sun sea and sand is definitely on the agenda. So if motorsport is not your thing, worry not. You can still hire a car and explore to your heart’s content. Barbados has got plenty to offer and the freedom to drive all over safely and confidently makes all the difference making your vacation epic. Remember, load up the GPS and buckle into your rental car for the trip of a lifetime in Barbados!

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