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We know you’re already well into summer, but there is still plenty holidaying yet to be had. During the off-peak time there are opportunities to maximise any trip to the island and that also extends to your rental car choices. With demand at a lower point than normal, you can pick up a hired car with relatively short notice and have your choice from our extensive fleet. Having your own hired car gives you the freedom to explore our beautiful island from the rugged coastline in the northern parish of St. Lucy to the southern most points in Christ Church, where kite-surfing, windsurfing, surfing and the legendary Oistins Fish Fry are to be found. Travelling from East to West couldn’t be more of a contrast, as you go from the rough and awesome display of power of the Atlantic Ocean bathing our shores to the placid gold coast playgrounds of the rich and famous. Barbados, while compact in size is rich in culture and diversity and makes many a visitor remark on the distinctions between the different ‘regions’ of the island. The only way to really experience and enjoy this unique holiday is with a rental car.  Bang for buck and for the freedom allowed a car is the key to your tropical vacation. So saddle up for a late summer trip and be surprised by the many sides of Barbados. Make your reservation here:  
 Summer is an off-peak time in Barbados, except for a few weeks surrounding the Sweetest Summer Festival a.k.a Crop Over/Kadooment. In addition to accommodation being cheaper and more available during this period, you can also enjoy many of the island’s attractions on your own schedule.  The only way to really set your own schedule is if you’re getting a rental car. Your tropical getaway will include many trips to the pristine white sand beaches of the west and south coasts of the island but should also bring you into the city of Bridgetown and its UNESCO World Heritage environs or wherever else you want. From the botanical gardens of the east nestled right above the rugged coastline pounded by the wild Atlantic Ocean to the serene scenes of luxury and glitz on the platinum coast, there are many stops to make in your hired car. Harrison’s Cave and Welchman Hall Gully in the centre of the island offer fantastic unique experiences to last a lifetime. The freedom of a rental car would give you and your travel cohorts access to the little explored northern coast of Barbados. From the Animal Flower Cave to a drop down into Speightstown for a great lunch or fine dining dinner to rival any on the island. Fire up the GPS in your hired car and hit the open road with an open mind and the keys to enjoying your island adventure!   Make your reservation here:  
 Barbados, like most places in the Commonwealth, feature right hand drive cars. Chances are that you are accustomed to driving on the other side of the road and are looking for a level of comfort in your hired car to give you the confidence to take on the switch. That’s where the Toyota Corolla comes in. This fully loaded car (FCAR) is considered compact in larger nations, but in Barbados these cars are the mid-size sedan of choice. As one of the most popular models in the world, we figure that your rental car should be something familiar. The Toyota Corolla hired car is offered fully loaded with a/c, power steering, and accessories and automatic transmission. This rental comfortably seats 5 on just about any journey you choose to take around the island. Even if you are going around the island! Some of the roads in Barbados may be smaller than you’re accustomed to, but the knowledge that you’re in a reliable rental car which is sized just right makes your tropical vacation that much more enjoyable. Choose the GPS option for your choice of hired car or add a car seat, and enjoy your Barbados driving experience. See you for this summer! Make your reservation here:  
It’s that time of year again where the sweet sounds of soca emanate from every village and town on the island. It’s Crop Over time in Barbados. The Sweetest Summer Festival is upon us and it is in full swing. If this is you jam then you need to be on island from early to really make the most of this carnival atmosphere. For those of you travelling from near and far, who are seasoned campaigners, you will know that having a hired car is the only way to go when trying to maximise your festival experience. Whether you choose an economy car (ECAR) like the Kia Picanto for you and a couple friends or you’re here with your crew and need a Suzuki APV Van (SVAR) there are many rental car options to meet your needs in our fleet. Who wants to be looking for a taxi in the wee hours of the morning?  Remember always drink responsibly and if you’re driving, don’t drink. Choose the GPS option for your choice of rental car and enjoy your Barbados carnival experience to the max! See you for this summer! Make your reservation here:
You’re coming to Barbados which means you’ve already decided to have treat yourself and your family to a special vacation. For your premium getaway we would suggest a premium rental car to enhance your holiday. At the top of our range we have the Nissan X-Trail (PFAR) fully loaded large size SUV. This hired car is the perfect vehicle for those looking for a little luxury while they explore the island. The beauty of getting an SUV for your rental is the commanding view of the terrain which it gives you and the feeling of confidence that you can go anywhere. Couple this with the luxury of the premium interior with the requisite air-conditioning, power accessories, and automatic transmission and you will know that you’ve chosen the right hired car. Barbados is wildly beautiful and having the freedom to explore the beaches, city, towns and back roads is a pre-requisite for enjoying your next tropical vacation. Choose the GPS option for your choice of rental car and unleash your inner island explorer! See you for this summer! Make your reservation here:
Everyone enjoys a good family vacation for the summer. No matter if you’re a family of two or one of seven, the fun of your island holiday is spending it with the ones with whom you love to share your experiences.  If you’re visiting Barbados for the first time you will notice that the roads are smaller than you’re used to, unless you’re on one of the main highways. This is not a problem, as our cars and trucks are also generally scaled to suit the conditions. So, if you’re travelling with your larger family getting around doesn’t have to be a problem. You’re going to want to get a hired car, as using taxis or maxi-taxis to get around is going to be quite expensive. We’ve got a range of seven-seater rental cars which will meet your family’s needs while on island. The Toyota Noah (MVAR) or Suzuki APV (SVAR) are both properly capable people movers. While both are fully loaded vehicles with power accessories and air-conditioning, the Toyota Noah is slightly larger and offers a few more extras. However, both hired cars are the perfectly sized for our roads and parking lots, making them easy to drive, even if you’re accustomed to driving on the other side. Choose the GPS option and ask about our child seats for your choice of rental car and unleash your inner island explorer! See you for this summer! Make your reservation here:  
Once again, we’re in the throes of the Sweetest Summer Festival and Barbados is alive with the sweet sounds of calypso music. As the island comes alive with the spirit of Crop Over you’re deciding what parties you’ll be going to on your tropical vacation. Nothing is going to give you the freedom to enjoy your summer like having the right hired car to get around the island. If you’re here with a group for the season your best choice is going to be one of our 7-seater vans like the Suzuki APV (SVAR) or the Toyota Noah (MVAR) or a full-size SUV like the Toyota Rush (FFAR) All of these vehicles offer premium interiors with air-conditioned comfort for up to 7-passengers and their daily packages. Each rental car is equipped with an automatic transmission to make your transition to right hand drive as comfortable as possible. The addition of a hired car to your Barbados vacation will allow you to enjoy like you didn’t think was possible.  Choose the GPS option on your choice of hired car and unleash your inner island explorer! See you for Kadooment! Make your reservation here:  
Your family has decided that a tropical vacation is the choice for their summer, and Barbados is your destination of choice. Your next big decision after your accommodation is going to be your hired car. For the family of four your options are only limited by your spirit of adventure. Our entire fleet from the Kia Picanto (ECAR) to the Nissan X-Trail (PFAR) will transport your family around the island in air-conditioned comfort, while being the perfect sizes for our local roads. During the summer, Barbados has many attractions to offer, with the highlight being the Crop Over Festival. Often referred to as the Sweetest Summer Festival, this celebration of island life is the theme throughout the months of June/July. Without a rental car you’ll find it quite hard to enjoy all that the festival has to offer at its disparate locations around our tropical paradise. Choose the GPS option on your choice of hired car and unleash your inner island explorer! Make your reservation here:
The Toyota Rush (FFAR) is one of the newest models in our hired car fleet. Recently introduced to the island in its new 7-seater configuration, this capable SUV is perfectly sized for moving around in Barbados whether you’re in the country or the city. This 5-door people mover will get you around the island in comfort, with its air-conditioned interior, elevated driving position and easy to drive automatic transmission.  While the cabin is as capacious as you could want, the dimensions of this vehicle make it a great size for Bajan roads. As far as hired cars go, the Rush (FFAR) offers great flexibility to you and your travelling companions. If your days are going to be filled with beach trips and your nights with dinners and just going out on the town, this SUV goes easily from rugged to elegant, like your favourite pair of jeans. It’s always best to enjoy Barbados with the freedom of the right rental car. Choose the GPS option on your choice of hired car and unleash your inner island explorer! Make your reservation here:    
Are you looking for something really fun to do in Barbados?  The fun starts with renting a Suzuki Jimny Soft-Top (CJAR) or Hard-Top (CFAR) This compact SUV is a great time on wheels. Its small and nimble footprint and on-demand 4WD allows it to be a surefooted as a mountain goat. It’s also a breeze to drive and to park on our smaller roads, due to the great size and elevated seated position. As far as hired cars go, this one is the choice of those looking for a true island adventure. Just because they’re compact doesn’t mean they’re light on features. This hired car is fully loaded with automatic transmission and air-conditioning, even on the soft-top (CJAR) models. If your island vacation is likely to have lots of beach trips and island exploration, then this SUV is one of your leading choices for fun in the sun. For those looking to maximise their sun time daily and enjoy the best moonlight nights, then the soft-top (CJAR) is the only way to go. If you’re looking for a little more protection from the elements, then the hard-top (CFAR) is the right choice of hired car. Whatever you go, make sure you choose the right rental car for your upcoming trip to Barbados! Make your reservation here:  

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