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If you’ve been to Barbados before chances are you have a favourite beach. The island is famed for its white powdery sand beaches derived from its coral composition. The best beaches for sunbathing and relaxing swims in the warm Caribbean Sea are to be found on the South and West coasts. Having a hired car at your disposal means you can explore them all. Popular island hot spots include Accra Beach, Dover Beach, Carlisle Bay and Hilton Beach all on the South coast. These beaches are popular with locals and visitors alike and offer great access and are usually alive with action. This could include board sports, like surfing, kiteboarding, windsurfing or just beach bars and great food stalls. Should you prefer more sedate sunbathing on pristine white beaches, then point your rental car in the direction of the West/Platinum coast. World famous beaches like Sandy Lane, Coach House, Mullins and Reed’s Bay are favourites of the rich and famous because of their peaceful atmosphere and incredibly clear water.  You can also do a bit of star spotting, if that’s your thing, as you’re likely to see someone famous on any given day. No matter what you’re looking for in your beach visit, Barbados has a beach to suit everyone! And remember that a hired car makes every holiday better! Make your reservation here:  
We’re getting ready to welcome many of you and some of the best chefs from around the region and wider world to our shores for the annual Barbados Food & Rum Festival, which is celebrating its 10th year this year. From all indications this will be another great year of fine food and great times with friends new and old. Barbados is arguably the epicurean or culinary capital of the Caribbean, offering you fantastic fare from award winning chefs on a daily basis. Nothing makes a holiday like great food, and that’s usually found in disparate locations around the island. The best way to enjoy is going to be hopping into your hired car to visit as many as you can while on vacation. During the festival, having a rental car is going to be critical to your enjoyment of the planned activities. Going from locations like Oistins on the south coast to the west coast for the dine around or Food Truck mashup in Pelican village, will require quite a bit of transiting. You’ll cherish the ability to move around on your own schedule while enjoying these events. There’s so much more to see and do while on island in Barbados, and you’ll want to make sure you get in the requisite beach time, a duty-free shopping trip to Bridgetown and to Holetown and Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, and maybe a round or two of golf or a tennis match. Whatever your desire, we’re sure you’ll find it on our shores and enjoy it more in our tropical climate. Escape the advancing cold of Fall and visit Barbados this October. Enjoy the Barbados Food & Rum Festival and remember that a hired car makes every holiday better! Drink responsibly! Make your reservation here:  
Beautiful Fall colours may paint a pretty palette, but at the end of the day it still is Fall! It means that the weather is becoming unpredictable and the cold is settling in for a long campaign. That’s definitely not what you’re looking for, if you are like us and love a nice relaxing day on the beach. Why not escape to your favourite tropical paradise, Barbados? Make it your mission to jump into your hired car and visit a new beach daily! With summer temperatures now behind us, you can enjoy the same sunshine filled days with the benefit of cooler breezes and slightly reduced temperatures both day and night. We bet it’s still warmer than where you’re coming from. If sports, like golf, are your thing, then Barbados in the Fall months is a great opportunity to enjoy your favourite sport in relative warmth, and without the searing heat of summer. Hotel rates and your rental car rates will also usually be cheaper during these low months before the winter season sets in, so there are bargains to be had all around. Having the freedom of your own hired car means that you can visit as many spots as you desire each day and maximise your island experience. Get away for a bit with a random vacation and remember that a rental car makes every holiday better! Make your reservation here:  
One of the things that Barbados is very well known for is its food! From haute cuisine to street food Barbados enjoys a rich diversity of culinary treats styled with local flair. This year marks the tenth anniversary of the upcoming (October 24-27, 2019) Barbados Food & Rum Festival, which is one of the premier events on any foodie’s calendar. Visiting chefs play with local ingredients in a way that showcases their natural talents and nous in working flavour profiles to excite the palate. While all of this is going on at the higher end of the food spectrum on the island, there is also the rum shop and food van culture which dominates local cuisine. We suggest that you hire a car and make it a point of finding out which food hotspot is close to your day’s destination. Because that surely is a thing in Barbados. Every locale has food in some way attached to it, whether it be fish cutters on Pebbles Beach, or souse in ‘the country’, fish in Martin’s Bay or the world famous Oistins Fish Fry.  For each district that you pull up to in your hired car you need to ask a local what’s good to eat and from where. It will make your island vacation one to remember and it won’t blow the budget to eat like a local. Remember that a rental car makes every holiday better! Make your reservation here:  
If you’re a cricket fan, then now is the time to be making your way through the Caribbean and, making your pilgrimage to The Mecca. Barbados’ world-renowned Kensington Oval comes alive this September with the glorious sights and sounds of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) T20 Tournament. Billed as “Cricket Played Louder” the Caribbean really adds something special to this grand old game. Whether it is the pace at which we play our T20 cricket or the special carnival-like atmosphere in every stadium in the island chain, the short format game is not to be missed in Barbados. The serious cricket fan will need a hired car to get around the island as they follow the teams to the practice pitches, or beach training sessions. These occasions offer the best chance of getting up close and personal with your favourite cricket stars from the region and beyond. When you’re not at the Oval, the beach or some duty-free shopping in Bridgetown will entertain even the most seasoned traveller. Remember that a rental car makes every holiday better! Make your reservation here:
So, you’ve decided that you’re going to be renting a vehicle while on the island. How do you choose what’s right for you? Barbados is much like any other country when it comes to your needs. The island has a dense network of paved road and is relatively flat, with largely gentle elevation changes. Most of our cars on the road and all of our hired cars are going to be either popular Japanese or Korean brands which would be familiar to you; and are the right size for our roads and tight spaces. Considerations for getting the right rental car for your Barbados trip will include the purpose of your trip, how many people are in your party. Will you be carrying a lot of luggage while on the island? What do you anticipate will be your favourite activity on the island? Are you here for a golf trip, beach relaxation, working in the city, or a little bit of everything? Our comprehensive fleet of hired cars runs the gambit from the ECAR to the SVAR and FFAR. So, let our rental fleet tick all of your boxes for your transportation needs while enjoying our beautiful island, Barbados.   Make your reservation here:  
Depending on your country of origin driving in Barbados may be different for you. We’re very British in our driving rules here on the island. Starting with our driving on the left side of the road in our right-hand drive cars, your experience on our comprehensive network of highways will be fun. To make your introduction easier, all our rental cars are equipped with automatic transmissions and are the right size for the roads and car parks around the island. Roundabouts are also something new which you will encounter on our island, if you’re from North America. These traffic management solutions are found all over Barbados, especially on main highways. They’re easy to navigate in your hired car, if you just remember that the person on the right is always right. As with any new country you decide to drive in, just read the signs and apply some common sense and you’ll be well on your way in your rental car.  Let the driving be a part of your adventure. Book your hired car today! Make your reservation here:  
We appreciate that not all of our visitors to Barbados are on vacation. However, we know that you will try to make the most of your fortuitous business trip to this tropical paradise. We’re happy to play our part in giving you the freedom to own your schedule with the right rental car for your business needs. Our fleet includes many favourites in every price and size range for the business traveller. Our hired cars range in size from the Chevy Spark (ECAR) to the Nissan X-Trail (PFAR) In between, we’ve got the comfortable sensible sedans favoured by many of our guests. Familiar faves like the Toyota Corolla (FCAR), Mazda 3 (SCAR) and Suzuki Grand Vitara (SFAR) are the best way for your group of four to get around while on island. For larger groups we have our Toyota Rush (FFAR), Suzuki APV (SVAR) or the Toyota Voxy/Noah (MVAR) which will easily accommodate up to 7 passengers or a combination of goods and people.  No matter why you’re on island, chances are we have the rental car you need to make your Barbados trip successful. And being in control of your transport allows some secret time for the beach. We won’t tell…. Make your reservation here:  
In our 166 square mile area Barbados is blessed with some of the finest golf courses you will find in the Caribbean and beyond. The beauty of Barbados courses can be found in the tropical backdrops and panoramic views of the ocean from many a tee box or green. Championship courses are found mainly on the West and South coasts, with one uniquely central course offering views of both the West and East coasts from its highest elevations. The perfect way to make the most of your golfing vacation is with the right hired car. Having the freedom to travel around on your own terms means that you can play a quick 9 in the morning on the south and then motor up to the West Coast for a full 18-holes. Choose one of our Nissan X-Trail (PFAR) SUVs and your entire foursome can easily pack your bags and relax in comfort in this large rental. To truly enjoy Barbados and make the most of your holiday means having the ability to traverse the island by rental car while enjoying your own schedule. Make your reservation here:  
Sometimes you’re travelling as a couple or a family with small children and you don’t need the largest car in the fleet, we have an ECAR for you! Our fleet contains the Kia Picanto and the Chevy Spark to fit that bill. Barbados is a small island, so it would stand to reason that you may only need a small car. Well, you wouldn’t be far wrong. Truth is, these sub-compact economy cars offer a lot of bang for your buck when looking for a hired car. Our island does feature smaller roads than many of our tourists are used to, especially those from North America, and you’re driving on the other side, so making the choice for your rental car to be in this class is a smart choice for many. The surprising thing about these hired cars is that they offer more interior space than you would imagine for a couple adults and a couple children. While luggage space would be at a premium, the air-conditioned cabin is loaded with creature comforts and you miss nothing in these rental cars. Make your next visit to Barbados fit your budget. Load up your rental with a GPS and let the tropical island adventure unfold! Make your reservation here:  

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