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For many of our visitors driving in Barbados is a unique experience. It’s usually the first time they’ve driven on the left and in many instances on roads so small. Fortunately, our lineup of rental cars is perfectly suited to conditions on the island. From our Kia Picanto/Chevy Spark (ECAR) and Kia Moke (ETAN) to the full-sized SUV (PFAR) Nissan X-Trail/Toyota RAV4, parking spaces and narrow country roads are going to be your friends. Our full fleet of hired cars offers you many choices in a comfort level to match your experience. Another challenge which is new to many of our first-time visitors is the roundabout. While these are gaining popularity in North America, they’re still relatively new to that region. Here in the tropics we’ve been navigating them from the beginning so Bajan drivers can illustrate the choreography that keeps the traffic flowing at every opportunity. Driving a hired Toyota Corolla (FCAR) is the perfect midsize sedan for your trip and will blend right in on the roads of Barbados. With all of these vehicles being fully loaded with options, it means that your island adventure will be the easiest transition you make on your Barbados vacation. Just be careful with those turns! Make your reservation here:  
The last weekend in May and the first in June mean only one thing to a Bajan – Rally Time. SOL Rally Barbados is the premier Caribbean rally and is celebrating 30 running of this event this year. As a long-time supporter of this rally, we’re always happy to see it come around and to see all of our satisfied returning clients year on year. Many teams depend on us for their rental car requirements.  Without their car, they would simply not be able to compete on the event. For you, as a spectator, having access to a hired car is going to be crucial to getting in the right place at the right time. As you navigate the country roads of our island, Barbados, you’re relying not only on your optional GPS unit, but knowing that you’re in a dependable and safe rental car with the comforts of air conditioning and power accessories. The rally covers most of the island, so you will want to make sure that you plan accordingly and know that there is a lot of driving to be done over the course of the 2.5 days. Make sure your hired car is up to the task! Make your reservation here:  
Polo in Barbados is a family affair enjoyed by everyone. The picnic like atmosphere and casual island-vibe makes tropical polo unlike any chukkas you’ve ever experienced.  With many annual tours anticipated and rivalries nurtured over the years, Barbados has a thriving season which builds to a crescendo as April/May rolls around. Family is a big part of this pastime and making sure your family can enjoy the sport is going to be paramount to you enjoying your Barbados vacation. The Nissan X-Trail is the perfect hired car for you and your family to enjoy your polo evenings. This 5-passenger PFAR SUV is the premium rental vehicle which is perfect for a tailgating experience par excellence. The fully loaded amenities available in this class of rental means that your comfort is ensured while you drive around the island from polo field to your hotel/villa and back. Make your Barbados vacation special with the full luxury experience, which starts with a premium rental vehicle. Make your reservation here:  
As usual, April is going to end with a bang in Barbados again this year. The last week of April signals the annual Barbados Reggae Festival. This year’s festival is one of the most highly anticipated due to the headliner Buju Banton making his return to the stage on his Long Walk to Freedom tour. The Barbados Reggae Festival features performances across the island form Reggae on the Beach to Reggae on the Hill at the Farley Hill National Park. The far-flung locations across the island mean that having access to your own transportation is the best way to enjoy the festival. A hired car like the Toyota Noah (MVAR) is a great choice for travelling groups coming to enjoy the music of the festival. This 7-passenger people mover is fully loaded with creature comforts including a/c and an automatic transmission and is the right size for the roads of Barbados. Equipped with a GPS this rental car could be your ticket for you and your six friends to have the total island adventure experience while jammin’ to the music. Make your reservation here: Aerial photo by:
Sometimes your travels dictate that your primary objective is to make yourself comfortable enough to enjoy your tropical island trip without breaking the budget. To fit that objective, we offer a couple of ECAR options which are full featured compact hired cars which are perfectly sized to Barbadian roads. The Chevy Spark and the Kia Picanto are two of our staples for the economy traveller. These 5-door 4-passenger rental cars are very easy to drive, if you’re not accustomed to driving on the left, and are sized to make city driving and small country roads seem less intimidating. Both hired cars come equipped with typical power features and air-conditioning, which makes then a comfortable choice for your typical family of four enjoying an island vacation. Whether you’re escaping to the beach or visiting Bridgetown or Holetown for a spot of duty-free shopping, these cars will fit the bill. Their low prices per day make these rentals extremely popular with the budget conscious whether on vacation or business trips to Barbados. Make your island holiday the best it can be with the right hired car for you and your travel companions. Make your reservation here:  
Just around the corner is the annual Oistins Fish Festival. Rooted in the most southern major town in Barbados is the bustling fishing centre called Oistins. Lost established as the epicenter of the fishing industry on the island, even today this town is still as important today as it was a century ago. To recognise this rich heritage, the Festival to celebrate the people of this town has been a staple on the local Bajan calendar around Easter for decades. While close to the southern tourist belt, Oistins is easily reached by hired car. On Friday nights, this usually quiet town comes alive with the weekly fish fry. Locals and tourists alike converge from most corners of the island to enjoy the fresh fish and great sights and sounds around the Bay Garden or on the main stage. For you, getting there is going to be the start of your adventure. We suggest a reliable and comfortable rental car as the way to go for maximum enjoyment. You can come and go as you please, as long as you’ve remembered to book your hired car! Make your reservation here:  
Easter holidays are quickly approaching, and we know you’ve been thinking, should I take my Barbados vacation to the next level with the addition of a rental car.  The short answer is, yes. Your friends and family will thank you for it. The freedom to explore the island and move around on the world-famous island-time is only possible with a hired car at your disposal. Enjoy going to a different beach daily or visiting as many as you dare in one day in one of our family sedans. We offer the fully loaded Toyota Corolla (FCAR), Yaris (ICAR), or Mazda 3 (SCAR) for small families or groups of friends looking for everyday economy and luxurious comfort. These rental cars all feature seating for 5 passengers in air-conditioned comfort with automatic transmissions for ease of driving. These are also the most popular class of vehicles on the road locally, so you’ll feel right at home as you navigate the highways of the island. Barbados has lots to see and do, especially around festivals like Easter. The most significant, outside of the religious offerings, being the Oistins Fish Festival, which is just like its name suggests. Centered in the southern most fishing town, there is non-stop entertainment for the week. You can come and go as you please, as long as you’ve remembered to book your hired car! Make your reservation here:  
Now it doesn’t hurt to be royalty, there may even be some awesome perks, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy Barbados like a prince or duchess. Yes, you likely won’t have chauffeur driven cars and outriders whisking you directly to your destination; but those things are over-rated! You can have your very own rental car for your vacation, equipped with optional GPS. Step into a Nissan X-Trail (PFAR) or Toyota RAV4 (PFAR) and let your adventures in luxury begin! These fully loaded hired cars, from our fleet, have all the space and creature comforts you require to feel truly royal on your island visit. Both of these 5-passenger premium SUVs feature air conditioning and automatic transmissions with 5-door accessibility to the cabin and boot. They are perfectly sized to our Bajan roads offering you a commanding view for an ease of driving befitting a king. So book your hired car today and vacation like a King or Queen in our island paradise, Barbados!
With the annual Barbados Reggae Festival upcoming, and visitors coming from all over the world to enjoy the sweet reggae vibes, you should book that trip now. The island is building a healthy buzz about the festival and the headline artists, whether you’re taking in shows on the beach or at our national park – Farley Hill. A rental car will make your trip that much more enjoyable. We have larger cars and vans to cater to groups looking for an island adventure. The Suzuki APV (SVAR) and the Toyota Noah (MVAR) are two of our fully loaded 7-seater vans perfectly suited to your Bajan vacation travel. Our vans, like just about all of our cars, are fully loaded with all of the creature comforts you expect and air-conditioning to counteract our warm tropical climate. The automatic transmissions make them a breeze to drive and their size is perfect for Barbadian roads you will traverse in your hired car. If you bring the party, we’ll provide the transport.
By now you’re tired of winter in the frigid north and must be ready to have that tropical getaway! Why not Barbados? An island holiday is exactly what you need to recharge those batteries and reset your body in time to enter the throes of spring. With white sand beaches and the ever present north-east tradewinds, Barbados is the best choice for your late winter escape. The best way to enjoy the beauty of the island is by hired car. From the new St. Nicholas Abbey Heritage Railway in the north of the island to the world-famous Accra Beach in the south, there’s plenty to see and do on the island. Including a variety of golf courses to choose from, exciting horse racing to be enjoyed on many Saturdays, and kite surfing and foiling, especially during the winter months. Whether you rent a Kia Moke or a Toyota Noah van, the freedom of your rental car will open your horizons to the adventures that await. With a wide range of cars and SUVs available, we can cater to your hired car needs.  

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