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As we open the new year, we wish everyone a happy and healthy 2020. This year Barbados is focused on an initiative to have our citizens return to the island for vacation, investment or retirement; and to offer targeted tourism related events by parish. This month We Gatherin’ Barbados 2020 highlights our northern most parish St. Lucy. This part of the island is one of natural unspoilt beauty, as there are plenty of open spaces and no major towns or hotel products. It is really great for those looking for a bit of authentic Bajan life. To truly explore its charm, one needs to have a hired car. The attractions of note include the picturesque River Bay inlet and rugged cliffs of North Point. The Animal Flower Cave is another unique attraction which offers visitors the chance to go into the belly of a cliff into a series natural cavernous pockets featuring pools filled with sea flora. A short drive in your hired car will get you up into the north to begin your adventure. The very flat terrain offers sweeping vistas perfect for sight seeing and photography and makes it very easy to navigate by sight. We recommend any visitor to take the drive up to this naturally beautiful parish. Whether you’re gathering with friends and family or visiting the island as a part of your annual pilgrimage or first-time visit, we suggest a GPS equipped hired car is the way to have an authentic Barbados experience. Leave the drudge of northern winter behind and enjoy the cool tropical breezes of our island! Make your car rental reservation here.
In addition to the religious significance of Christmas, Barbados celebrates with food. Traditional Christmas meals include ham, leg pork, turkey and stuffing, jug-jug, pigeon peas and rice, macaroni pie and coleslaw. Each household or establishment claims to have the best of one of these dishes and Bajans and you can enjoy driving from place to place to sample this fare. You hired car can be your passport to culinary delight, as you wind your way around the countryside. As a multi-cultural society there is also a plethora of adopted delicacies from around the Caribbean. A short trip in your rental car can take you to a Trini restaurant for pastelles or a little garlic pork, or a Guyanese spot for a dash of pepperpot and rice. Ham cutters, traditional fresh cooked ham in a Bajan salt bread, available at most rum shops around the island also seem to taste better at Christmas time. Let your travels take you from shop to shop to conduct your own tests!  Wash it all down with a cold glass of sorrel. Just be careful, as some of them can be fermented and driving your rental car may have to be turned over to your designated driver. However, you celebrate the holidays, we hope you do it in Barbados with a hired car from us. Barbados can always serve up a special experience, but we happen to think it can be more special at Christmas. Happy Holidays! Make your reservation here:  
To experience Christmas in Barbados, is to understand the Caribbean concept of liming.  Liming is all about just hanging out. Making planned and unplanned stops along a journey to nowhere specific while meeting up with friends for socializing. Key to this is having the freedom of a rental car. At Christmas in Barbados there is a lot of moving from house to house or location to location to sample some special culinary delights, like fresh baked ham, jug-jug, and sorrel. Whether you’re here visiting family or just on your own adventure you will get caught up in the flow of this liming. Without a hired car, it would be difficult to enjoy an island Christmas. Every locale offers different fare which is the house specialty and best relished on location. Then there are always the beaches, with their inviting white sand and warm Caribbean Sea water waiting to be explored and enjoyed! So, invite your friends and family along for the ride and make a lime of it in Barbados this holiday season. Let us supply the right rental car for your trip and prepare to have the tropical getaway of your life. Happy Holidays! Make your reservation here:  
Who says that the warm tropical climate of Barbados can’t deliver a white Christmas? We think that our white sand beaches are the perfect solution! You don’t need to shovel it, unless you’re making sandcastles and you can comfortably walk around on it barefoot and feel it between your toes. Try that with your frosty snow!  Our coral based island makes for the perfect foundation for powdery white sand beaches which are the envy of the Caribbean. We encourage you to hop into your hired car and explore as many of them as you can while on your vacation. The snow will be there when you leave and when you get back to your home country, but Barbados can offer you that welcome warm tropical sunshine relief from the bitter dreary cold of winter. With a rental car at your disposal you can make the most of your holiday with new beaches to explore daily. Each one more spectacular than the last. We would suggest that a Kia Moke (ETAN) rental car offers you a fun way to experience the spectacular island warmth while letting in the cooling Tradewinds for that au naturel feel. Bring your family down to Barbados for a visit and we’ll supply the hired car to make your tropical getaway all that it can be. Our 365 days of blissful warmth never gets old! Make your reservation here:
The year is quickly drawing to a close and you’ve worked hard throughout. Don’t you think you deserve a tropical vacation? Barbados it is then! There’s so much to do on your vacation away from the winter, including just relaxing on white sand beaches sipping your rum punches or cold umbrella drinks. However, you can fire up your rental car and take a trip to some of our many attractions like Harrison’s Cave and Welchman Hall Gully next door for a look below the ground and then the natural flora and fauna above. You can then nip down to the east coast and see the Morgan Lewis Windmill or St. Nicholas Abbey. With the freedom of driving your hired car, you can explore more of the island with a visit to the Oistins Fish Fry on Friday night or take in some duty-free shopping in Bridgetown. Maybe you enjoy a nice relaxing day of golf on any one of our championship courses with magnificent sea views and warm tropical breezes adding to the challenge. Barbados truly has something for everyone to enjoy and having your own rental car makes it easy to enjoy as much of it as possible during your holiday. So, make your way down to our island and make sure you book your hired car early to make the most of your tropical escape from the beast of winter. Make your reservation here:  
As Barbados’ 53rd anniversary of Independence rolls around again on November 30th, we’re reminded of all the beautiful things which we enjoy sharing with you on your stay on our beautiful island. The wonderful year-round colours of the island, not just in the foliage, but our architecture, our warm sea, and our people. The close juxtapositioning of our urban areas with flowing countryside and green spaces waiting for you to explore. Our visitors love to jump into their hired cars and take in the gorgeous scenery on long drives between their visits to our coral white sand beaches. Our relatively small size does not belie our ability to deliver of big experiences for you and your family. Having a rental car at your disposal means that you can take in the sights, no matter what your preference. A day at the beach followed by a sumptuous dinner and a responsible night cap at any of our wide range of watering holes is a favourite of many. For some, taking in Bridgetown and her Garrison of the UNESCO World Heritage site, followed by a sundowner by the Careenage or at any of Barbados’ beach bars is a great day made even easier to accomplish with your hired car. Make your choice of destination Barbados, and make sure you talk to us about your rental car needs while on island.    Make your reservation here:  
Are you coming to Barbados for the Rugby Barbados World 7’s in December? Have you booked your hired car yet? There’s so much happening on the island in December, and it all kicks off with international rugby with Caribbean flair. Escape the dreary days of winter for some tropical fun in the sun. To make the most out of your trip a rental car will be essential to allow the freedom to move around as you please and maximise your time on our beautiful island. We offer many great options for hired vehicles to transport you and your friends and family around the island. We’ve got the Suzuki Vitara (IFAR) and Grand Vitara (SFAR), the Nissan X-Trail (PFAR), Toyota RAV4 (PFAR) and Rush (FFAR) all offering comfortable seating for 5-persons with the Toyota Rush (FFAR) offering space for up to 7 passengers in air-conditioned comfort, with easy to drive automatic transmissions. There will be a rental car for you in our up-to-date fleet of reliable vehicles. Make your choice of destination Barbados, and make sure you talk to us about your transportation needs while on island.    Make your reservation here:
Have you ever gone for a ride in a Moke?  Well you’re in luck, we’ve got a fleet of Kia Mokes (ETAN) waiting to take you on your next tropical island adventure. Just like Santa has his sleigh, your door-less open-top chariot is the Bajan equivalent. Making your hired car a Moke opens the door (pardon the pun) to adventure, as you travel the island with nature wafting through your vehicle. It is the perfect Barbados beach car, as you pack your beach gear in and head out to any coast you desire.    While there may be no air-con in this rental car, this fun car features an automatic transmission, power steering and seats up to four sunseekers in comfort. The compact size means that you can fit into just about any parking space, whether you’re on the beach or in the city. If you’re looking for something fun and active to complement your Barbados vacation, then this is the rental car for you. So soak up the sun and look straight up at the stars and moon as you enjoy your warm tropical vacation in Barbados and her beaches and countryside.   Make your reservation here:  
As the weather turns cold up north, the warm tropical climate of Barbados looks even more inviting than ever! The temperate trade winds blow consistently over the winter period yielding an even 80 degree (F) average ambient temperature. Sounds inviting yet? The inviting blue waters and white sand beaches make the perfect backdrop to your vacation photos. All you need is your hired car to take you from coast to coast. If you’re travelling with a big family or bring all the family along for the Christmas holiday, then we would recommend a 7-seater for you and your family. Our larger rental cars are all fully loaded with all the creature comforts you would expect for a luxurious vacation. Choose from our Toyota Noah (MVAR) or Suzuki APV (SVAR) or if an SUV is your choice of rental car, then the Toyota Rush (FFAR) will be more your speed. If a warm tropical vacation in Barbados is your idea of a perfect winter break, then we suggest you arrange your hired car and prepare to have the vacation of a lifetime as you explore our beautiful island. Make your reservation here:  
If rugged beauty is your thing, then the east and north coasts of the island are where you need to see. The wild Atlantic washes our shores with a mesmerizing intensity on these two coasts. The juxtaposition of these dramatic landscapes against the serene south and west coasts make Barbados unique in the island chain. To experience both halves is to have the freedom of a hired car. You’ll want to follow the coastline when you make your drives, if only to watch the change in scenery as you go from one seascape to the other. The east coast is home to the world-famous Crane Beach, with its long expense of lily-white sand. It is also where you’ll find the world-renowned Soup Bowl surf break or have lunch and a dip at Martin’s Bay. Heading north in your rental car past Pico Tenerife you’ll move to the cliffs of the north coast and the must-see Animal Flower Cave. It may not be a tropical beach, but the views from the cliffs and inside the cave are phenomenal. So pack up your rental car and make a day or two of it, as you explore Barbados by coast. Pack a lunch or visit a shop or two along the way and you could actually devote a day to the uniqueness of each of the island’s coasts. And remember that a hired car makes every holiday better! Make your reservation here:  

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