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Barbados: It’s never been easier to get here.

So you’ve been wondering where the tropical holiday of your dreams awaits and up pops Barbados at the top of your list. Now what? Well thanks to the efforts of the Barbados Tourism Management Inc. (BTMI) airlift into the island from the United States and Europe is on a high and continues to grow, making it easier for you to get on island and to the business of vacation. With the winter coming, it is high time you made that booking to escape to the warm tropical waters of our island.

This is also great news for the diaspora, as Bajans abroad and friends of our little island get ready to celebrate 50 years of Independence, culminating on November 30, 2016. This once a lifetime celebration kicked off earlier in the year in Independence Square in Bridgetown, and has continued throughout the year to touch all coasts and corners of the island.

As a visitor looking to celebrate with native Bajans, the only way to enjoy the celebrations is with the freedom of a hired car to get around the island. Across the 11 parishes and 4 major towns of Barbados there continue to be a plethora of events under the theme 50Barbados: celebrating Pride & Industry with many based around the travels of the ceremonial Broken Trident. Having a rental car at your disposal would make your participation a cinch.

Of course, with Independence around the corner and celebrations well underway you will need to make your decisions now in order not to be disappointed. And with the party continuing to the end of the year, winter plans are in order now.

OK, so you’ve managed to get here and now what? Barbados is an extremely vibrant island, especially by Caribbean standards. Being able to move freely and drive the length and breadth of the island makes a huge difference to the average visitor’s enjoyment and quality of their holiday. Having a quality hired car from world recognized brands backed by fantastic rental service and roadside assistance, if needed, makes the difference to our clients.

While Barbados is relatively small, it has one of the most dense paved road networks in the world. Utilising a rental car is the perfect solution for the traveller looking for adventure and convenience while enjoying your Barbados vacation. Catering to the business traveller is also at the top of our list, as not all visitors to the island are here just for the stunning sea and sand. A visit to our pristine white sand beaches is just a perk for some, as they are on island to participate in business meetings and transactions across the island. Having a hired car is perfect in this situation, as the freedom to do business on your terms means you can improve your efficiency and make the most out of your trip.

Choosing the right rental car company and hiring the right GPS equipped car, is integral to you buckling up and enjoying the ride of a lifetime in Barbados! Excellent Car Rental Service © 2024 Stoutes Car Rentals. All Rights Reserved.
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