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So you’ve booked your Barbados vacation, but what about a hired car? Rental cars are integral to making sure that you’re about to maximise your time on the island and make the most of getting to see and do as much as possible while here. Whether you’re coming for a well-deserved winter break or you’re here on business, mobility is going to make your stay that much more pleasurable and productive. Barbados has a very well developed and dense road network, meaning that the whole island is accessible by ordinary vehicles.

Business trips become so much more productive when you can set your schedule based on being able to drive from appointment to appointment. Truth is, the island doesn’t feature roving taxi service like you would find in big cities, so arrangements need to be made in advance or cars must be called when you’re ready to move, which can add to your down times and raise the cost of transit.  Having a hired car means that you can arrive and drive at your convenience and on your own schedule. Maximising your face time with clients and prospects. Sensible medium sized sedans seating 4/5 or the more spacious Suzuki APV tend to be the choice for those doing business. The flexibility of the Suzuki APV allows for marketing collateral or equipment to be easily transported, or a team of up to seven adults.

If you’re vacationing, and enjoying the ‘winter’ sunshine on offer, then your level of enjoyment is definitely going to be tied to your mobility. The freedom to move on your own schedule to explore whatever attraction or beach is on your tour for the day is the main fillip for wanting to have your own rental car at your disposal. Getting around by taxi while in Barbados can be far less cost effective than renting a vehicle, depending on your length of stay and plans for your trip. Our fleet of easy to drive automatic fully loaded cars are diverse in their choices, from the ubiquitous tourist ‘Moke’ to medium sized SUV’s like the Suzuki Vitara and Ford Ecosport.

If you’re not familiar with the ‘mini moke’ concept. This hired car is a staple of island vacations. Its open sides (there are no doors) and canvas top make it the ultimate rental car for island vacations. Seating four adults, it is a recipe for fun and an experience to tell your friends and family back home. It’s motoring al fresco at its most fun.

No matter what your travel situation, Stoute’s Car Rental is likely to have the option that you need for personal transportation needs while on your tropical island vacation or business trip. With available options like GPS and child seats, you and the whole family can be comfortable in your rental car, as you explore the boundless beauty of Barbados. Excellent Car Rental Service © 2024 Stoutes Car Rentals. All Rights Reserved.
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