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Get Lost in Barbados – Find Yourself!

Sometimes the best adventure in a foreign land is to just let yourself be taken by the allure of your surroundings. Nowhere is this more apt than in Barbados. Now while this may sound like strange advice in the confines of your GPS equipped hired car, it can lead to some of the best days in the tropics. One thing you will learn during your stay on the island, is that there is a special vibe wherever you go, and while there is a rhythm to everything, it is just as enjoyable to relax and enjoy it, as it is to take it all in.

For the adventurous among us, just driving and relying on signposts and your sense of direction is going to be more than enough to get you around Barbados. But the fun comes in the discovery of the little villages along the way, with their village rum shops and churches. They say that Barbados has as many churches as it does rum shops, and we have over 1,200 rum shops! These shops are a village staple, and will have everything from the ubiquitous Bajan rum to soap and essentials, and usually some of the best baked good around. This includes fresh baked bread and delectable ham ‘cutters’ (ham in a salted bun) to pudding and souse and other Bajan delicacies.

Some of the best authentic Bajan cuisine is to be found in the back roads, and sometimes even being brought to you by the many food vans roaming the countryside. It should be a part of your experience. These GPS-free jaunts in your rental car also allow you to discover such uniquely Barbadian pass-times such as road tennis, village cricket, street corner draughts/dominoes/cards and sometimes even an excursion. Another benefit can be the discovery of smaller uncrowded beaches not highlighted on your average tourist map, but which offer lovely sea bathing without the additional company of many beach-goers.

Not to worry, Barbados is as safe as they come and locals are always willing to help a tourist who has found their way off of the beaten path. The sight of a hired car in many villages triggers a rush to see who can help the lost tourist first. It’s like another island pass-time. Barbadians are famed for their hospitality, so don’t be surprised if someone invites you to share a beverage or a small delicacy with them, or offers up to have you partake in a nearby activity, ‘as you’re in the area’.

So, remember, getting lost in Barbados may not have been your mission when you left your hotel or guest house, but it can be the best part of your vacation in island paradise. You can’t enjoy this adventure without a hired car from the right rental car company. Happy Holidays! Excellent Car Rental Service © 2024 Stoutes Car Rentals. All Rights Reserved.
Kirtons, St. Philip, BB18054, Barbados, West Indies.