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By now you’re tired of winter in the frigid north and must be ready to have that tropical getaway! Why not Barbados? An island holiday is exactly what you need to recharge those batteries and reset your body in time to enter the throes of spring. With white sand beaches and the ever present north-east tradewinds, Barbados is the best choice for your late winter escape. The best way to enjoy the beauty of the island is by hired car. From the new St. Nicholas Abbey Heritage Railway in the north of the island to the world-famous Accra Beach in the south, there’s plenty to see and do on the island. Including a variety of golf courses to choose from, exciting horse racing to be enjoyed on many Saturdays, and kite surfing and foiling, especially during the winter months. Whether you rent a Kia Moke or a Toyota Noah van, the freedom of your rental car will open your horizons to the adventures that await. With a wide range of cars and SUVs available, we can cater to your hired car needs.  
Whether you’re in Barbados for the whole season or just for the holidays, your trip will be a whole lot better with a hired car. But, you’ve got to plan ahead. The winter season is the busiest on the island for arrivals, and, as such, we always find that demand exceeds supply. You’ll find that you need to book your rental early if you’re to avoid disappointment. Our range of mid-size sedans like the Toyota Corolla, Mazda 3 and Toyota Yaris are usually the most popular due to their great size for families. This size vehicle is also the staple on our roads making them easy to maneuver over the highways, and in the city. They offer great fuel efficiency and are packed with the amenities, including a/c, power accessories and automatic transmissions, you expect from your family car. We also carry the perennial island holiday favourites, the moke style vehicle and the convertible soft-top SUV. Our Kia Moke is a great convertible runaround offering the ultimate open-air experience. These great little compacts feature no doors, windows and a canvas roof. They’re great for going to the beach or making the island your oyster as you explore the back-roads and country lanes of the interior of the island. Our other convertible fave is the Suzuki Jimny. This compact SUV is great for couples and families with a couple small children. You’ll find this hired car to be more versatile than you’d think, especially when doing some exploring on country roads or making your way to those beaches only the locals know about.  Its compact size and commanding driving position put you in charge and makes driving on the left even easier for those less familiar. The removable roof is just the icing on the cake! Remember that a rental car gives you the freedom to explore Barbados at your own pace and can even save you money on transport, depending on your itinerary. So, escape the dreary winter and land your dream vacation in the tropics and remember, we offer the best in fully equipped rental cars and SUVs to make the most of your Barbados vacation. So, load up the GPS and car seats, if you need them, and live your island adventure with the help of your hired car. Happy Independence Barbados!    
It’s that time of year again and summer is nearly here. Do we hear your shouts of joy from here? Yeah, we do! Maybe Barbados is on your itinerary for family’s summer vacation. Maybe it’s not. If it’s not, then you should reconsider.  There’s nothing quite as exciting as a tropical island getaway adventure, or maybe you’re a carnival lover, and Crop Over and Kadooment day are your thing.  Either way, an action-packed holiday framed by pristine white coral beaches and bathed in golden sunshine sounds like a great way to reward yourself and your family. Integral to your enjoyment of your island getaway is going to be your mode of transportation while on island. A hired car is the way to go for those looking to maximise their trip. The versatile all-rounders from our fleet are the Mazda 3 and Toyota Corolla. These 5-seater sedans are considered midsized, for this market, and are the most popular size and class of cars on the roads locally; and for good reason. These family-sized sedans are very effective at moving a family with a couple parents and kids, especially if those kids are in car seats. They’re also great for two couples on holiday together who are sharing a car on their island exploration. In Barbados, we drive on the left and have lots of rambling country lanes for you to explore, and you’ll find that the proportions of the Mazda and Toyota can’t be beaten for safely navigating these roads. As a driver of either of these 4-door saloon cars, you’ll find your trips into the city or other urban areas are a breeze. The comfort of the cool air-conditioned cabins makes these easy to maneuver rental cars nimble enough for easy parking and making your way through the traffic.  The large trunks/boots make these cars great shopping companions with the ability to safely swallow up your purchases and securely store them as you move around the island.  Or maybe you’re using the Corolla or Mazda 3 for your business trip, and these cars will be great for carrying your samples, presentations, display materials, or just your colleagues around the island. So, whether here for the great summer activities which Crop Over and Kadooment have to offer during the Sweetest Summer Festival or you’re doing a little business or some pleasure, we offer the best in fully equipped rental cars and SUVs to make the most of your Barbados vacation. So load up the GPS and car seats, if you need them, and live your island adventure with the help of your hired car.      
The first step to choosing your hired car for your Barbados vacation is going to be determined by your travel needs when on the island. The size of your group/family immediately will tell you what category of car or SUV you’ll need in order to make the most of your adventure. We offer a full range of vehicles suited to our driving conditions and road size from the smallest ETAN/ECAR economy car category to the much larger MVAR vans and PFAR premium SUV vehicle choices.    For the single traveller or those travelling in couples or with two adults and a couple children, we have the KIA Moke (ETAN) open-side compact convertible car. Also popular for this grouping are the KIA Picanto economy car (ECAR) and the Suzuki Swift (CCAR) compact car. For a little more room, and if you have 5 people in your party, then you can choose the Toyota Yaris midsize sedan (ICAR). This vehicle is also great for those with families using car seats for their babies or small children.    If your preference is for a more elevated driving position or you just prefer an SUV, we have the compact Suzuki Jimny available in soft top (CJAR) or the hard top (CFAR). These capable little vehicles have small rear passenger leg room, so are best suited if your rear seat holiday makers are smaller in stature.    For our Barbados market, we consider midsize sedans with 5 passenger capacities to be cars like the Toyota Corolla (FCAR) or Mazda 3 (SCAR). These are the most popular size cars on the road and are great for a group of adults whether on business or vacation, and they offer relatively generous boot/trunk space for your daily island adventures. For these same needs we also have a range of SUV’s, if that’s your preference, which include vehicles like the Ford Ecosport SUV (IFAR), Suzuki Grand Vitara (SFAR), Nissan Xtrail (PFAR) and Toyota RAV4 (PFAR).   For groups of up to 7 adults, we would recommend one of our van options. The Suzuki APV Van (SVAR) or the Toyota Noah (MVAR). These spacious people movers allow you to travel in comfort with your entire group in one vehicle. Also, they’re perfect for visitors who may be in a group of two but travelling with bulky items for work or play.   The second step to making your choice is typically going to be the price. As with any holiday, your tropical getaway is going to have a budget. We offer a wide range of rates, which will typically increase with the size of the vehicle. Our lower daily rates are found in the compact range of vehicles like the KIA Moke, Picanto and Suzuki Swift. However, the two Suzuki Jimny variants tend to be a slightly more expensive option, as they are an entry into the SUV category.    If you’re looking for some more creature comforts and generous space our wide midsized sedan range offers great value for money. Vehicles such as the Toyota Yaris, larger Corolla, and the Mazda 3 or similar are very popular choices both in terms of the cost and the flexibility in cabin space and boot/trunk space.   Our SUV range contains our premium vehicles with rates commensurate with the trim levels and larger roomy interiors. The range runs from Ford Ecosport to the Suzuki Grand Vitara, Toyota RAV4 and Nissan X-Trail, or similar.   While our vans like the Suzuki APV and the Toyota Noah run toward the upper end of our pricing scale, these vehicles can offer some of the better economy for group travel, since their capacity can allow for visitors travelling together who want to consolidate their parties – like 2-3 couples – into one vehicle for the ultimate travel together experience. We are one of the largest rental car companies on the island with a range to suit any budget or travel need for your best Barbados vacation.    Remember to observe all traffic laws, including speed limits and seatbelt laws.  We also drive on the left, so all our vehicles are right hand drive with automatic transmissions.  
Hopefully, for you, it’s about as cold as it’s going to be all winter. For us here in the tropics that means it may be in the high 70’s or low 80’s – we can hear your tears from here! Well, we’ll happily welcome you to our sunshine island for a tour around Barbados in your choice of hired car. Barbados has many great attractions, sights and sounds which are best accessed by the traveller with the freedom to move around on their own schedule. That is what having a rental car means – the freedom to move on your own schedule. If the beach is your thing, then the choice of the perennial island vehicle, the Kia Moke, is the only one that makes sense. The fully convertible top with no doors and functional interior makes it the perfect beach runabout. If you require a little bit more from your rental, then maybe one of our many SUV’s will fit the bill. From the compact Jimny to the much larger X-Trail the beach explorer in you will have the go anywhere assurance one gets from driving a 4x4. For our adventure sport enthusiasts, this type of hired car is just what you’re looking for to get to the perfect secret spot, or place to launch your kite. Maybe your idea of a great excursion is taking long drives through the Bajan countryside with your family, just hoping to run into that unspoilt gem off the regular highways and byways.  We’ve got sedans for that. We stock our rental fleet with the right mid-sized sedans that you are familiar with, like the Toyota Corolla, Mazda 3 or Kia Cerrato. If your family is a bit larger, then we suggest a 7 passenger Suzuki APV or Toyota Noah. For the urban explorer, we suggest a smaller hired car, like the Kia Picanto, Suzuki Swift or Toyota Yaris. For those visiting our UNESCO World Heritage Site attractions and highlights, then moving around the smaller city streets of Bridgetown and its environs is a breeze in these compact stars. Smaller cars well suited to the size of streets makes it far easier for our visitors to get comfortable in their rental car. As a bonus, parking will also be a breeze in the city. So, when you begin your next island adventure, remember to choose the hired car to best suit your journey. Make sure you get the GPS option to make your trip as enjoyable as possible, and if you’ve got the kids, then the right car seats and safety equipment is going to be indispensable. Buckle up and let your rental carry you on your tour of paradise.
As we welcome the start of the winter tourist season in Barbados, Stoute’s has a lot of ‘new’ going on. First of all, we are continuing to expand our new website to include the many features which you are asking for from us. Add the that a fleet full of new vehicles. Whether there have been model changes or all new types of vehicles offered for hire in the varied categories, our rental car fleet has been updated. From the Kia Mokes to our top of the range SUV’s – Toyota RAV4 or Nissan X-Trail – and all of the sedans and vans in between, we’ve made the best of the range of vehicles readily available on the island. When looking at our 4x4 selection, we offer the Suzuki Jimny (soft or hard top), Suzuki Grand Vitara, Ford EcoSport, Nissan X-Trail and Toyota RAV4 for your adventurous side. All of our SUV’s offer the easy to drive automatic transmission you’re familiar with on your daily driver and air conditioning to keep you and your family or friends comfortable as you explore the ins and outs of beautiful Barbados. One of the decisive reasons for choosing an SUV for your island adventure is the driving position. Many of our clients find it easier to drive on the other side of the road, when they have that commanding view that their rental jeep offers. For maximum fun factor and cool points, we have the soft-top convertible 4x4 offered by Suzuki. The Jimny is a very versatile little compact SUV which promises plenty of fun for the driver and their passengers. Imagine, you’re in a perfectly sized little run-around, with the capability to go most places, whether along the highways or off the beaten path. (Or as we Bajan’s would say: ‘Behind God’s back’) Being quite compact in size and only available with 3-doors, the Suzuki Jimny is a great size for that travelling single or couple, who may have small kids. Our renters also love the compact size because of the ease of maneuverability, whether parking in tight spots or just cruising the highway. For those travellers looking for a hired car with a little more room, but the same SUV attitude, we offer the Ford EcoSport, Suzuki Grand Vitara, Toyota RAV4 and the Nissan X-Trail. These larger 4x4’s offer the same go-anywhere ability as our more compact offerings in our hired-car fleet, with lots more space. We invite you to buckle up and punch in a random destination on your GPS and point your hired car in the direction of your greatest adventure. With nothing to stop you, we’re sure your island adventure is going to be the best of a lifetime! 
First of all, do you all like our new website? We appreciate all of your feedback and would love to hear from you on the improvements to our old site. This month we want to take a look at our range of sport utility vehicles. From the compact Suzuki Jimny to the larger Suzuki Vitara, Ford EcoSport and Nissan X-Trail. One of our fleet favourites is the Suzuki Jimny which is available with either a fixed hardtop or canvas soft-top. The brochure says: “The Suzuki Jimny is built for adventure.” Well we invite you to start your adventure in Barbados. In our small island there are many nooks and crannies to explore, and without a small go anywhere vehicle you run the risk of missing some of the best hidden gems off the beaten track. The capability of this vehicle is belied by its compact size. Easily fitting two adults and two kids or maybe a smaller couple in the back, this 4x4 makes island exploration a breeze. Order up the soft-top model and enjoy nature as it is intended. The warm tropical breezes easily allowing you to enjoy getting your vitamin D straight from the sun. If enjoying the elements while driving is not your thing, this great little SUV also comes in a hardtop version, with both featuring cooling air-conditioning and power accessories to keep you surrounded by amenities you appreciate. The automatic transmission makes it easy to drive, even if you’re on the ‘wrong’ side of the road for your home country. The Jimny is usually a favourite with the active visitor to our shores. Many of you love them for the ability to easily transport your surfing/kiting/wind-surfing gear to the most remote beaches. Their small size also makes them a breeze to park while in the city and to navigate narrow country lanes. While it is not a necessity, the elevated driving position assists with adapting to local driving conditions. So, we’d like to suggest that you buckle up those seatbelts and begin your island getaway with an adventure into the Barbados countryside. Looking for your favourite new beach - there’s one to be found daily. If compact is what you’re looking for, then a GPS equipped Suzuki Jimny may be what you’re looking for.  If you’re in need of something bigger, then we always have the choice of the Suzuki Grand Vitara or the Ford EcoSport, or for even more space the Nissan X-Trail; but more about them next month.
As we gear up for the upcoming winter season our diverse fleet of vehicles is awaiting their next adventures. Winter is an especially busy here in the tropics, so careful planning, including that of your rental car is paramount. You would not want to have the perfect island vacation planned, and your favourite beachfront rooms booked, but you haven’t secured your hired car. Securing your desired class of car is as easy as heading online and checking out our fleet, and following our easy to use booking engine to make your reservation. A simple follow up phone call or email from our office and you’re on your way to enjoying Barbados to its fullest.  Having access to a rental car is essential for making the most of your limited time on the island. With a bus service which is best understood by locals and taxis which are concentrated on specific tourist areas, a hired car is the best way to go for singles and families to explore Barbados. Our dense road network can be challenging to navigate initially, but the intuition quickly takes over and the way to your destination starts to become clear. One of the benefits of using our fleet is also the choice of easy to drive vehicles, which are loaded with the creature comforts you didn’t want to leave behind when you embarked on your holiday. All of our models, except the Moke, feature power steering, central locking, air-conditioning, power windows, etc. They can also be fitted with GPS units and baby/booster seats for your family’s needs. Our fleet runs the full gamut of vehicles appropriate for the size and types of roads you will encounter on your trip to Barbados. Our smaller models include the Moke, Kia Picanto, and Suzuki Jimny 4x4. In our mid-range you will find our largest selection, as this size is the most popular on the roads here, and is best suited for most persons’ needs.  These familiar models include the Toyota Yaris, Kia Cerrato, Toyota Corolla, and Mazda 3.  We also offer the very popular Suzuki Vitara SUV and Ford Eco Sport. For larger groups we have the Suzuki APV and Toyota Noah/Voxy. These 7-seaters are the right size for the Barbadian roads, while managing to suck up all your party and your gear. No matter what the demands of your trip, whether business or pleasure, we have the right rental cars for your enjoyment. So remember to book your hired car early, and add any extras you may need for your ultimate island adventure.
Not everyone travelling to our tropical paradise is coming for vacation. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be a couple dips taken in the sea or some drives around the coasts of the island. However,  when your primary purpose is going to be business, we do find that your needs change. The popular Moke or Jimny open-top SUV are not the vehicles of choice, but rather a sensible sedan or small car is the preferred option. Generally, for those coming to do business on their own, and who are comfortable or familiar with the island, the smaller car is the way they like to go. Something like the compact Chevy Spark, Kia Picanto or Suzuki Swift is the go-to vehicle for those on the go. These smaller cars are very economical on gas and are perfectly sized, especially for those zipping around the city of Bridgetown or making frequent stops in areas with tight parking. The air-conditioned comfort of these vehicles is not always appreciated until you spend a day behind the wheel. For those travelling in a bigger group of up to 4 adults, or those who prefer a slightly larger car, we offer the Toyota Yaris, Corolla, Mazda 3 or Kia Cerato.  These mid-sized family sedans are the staple of the roads in Barbados. These are the most popular sized vehicles, because they are versatile and economical to run. You’ll feel right at home driving one of these sedans, while your three colleagues enjoy the passenger comforts offered in the spacious air-conditioned cabins. For some travellers, driving in a foreign environment (including on the ‘wrong’ side of the road), is a daunting proposition. For them, we would recommend the SUV options. These mid-sized SUVs include the Toyota RAV4, Suzuki Grand Vitara and Ford EcoSport. This size vehicle is also very popular on the locals highways and offers many options for the rental car driver. Apart from the obvious driving position advantage, the larger cabins allow for taller adults to experience more comfort on their journeys. If you’re part of a larger delegation or are carrying a bit of equipment/product for those special presentations while on island, then the hired car for you is from the 7-seater group. In this group we offer the Nissan X-Trail, Suzuki APV or Toyota Voxy (Noah/NAV 1/Esquire). These vehicles offer the ultimate flexibility and comfort for the business traveller. For those with a lot of product or bulky samples or that large display which is going from location to location, the larger cargo areas afforded by the stowed seating in these vehicles is perfect for your assignment. If you are a part of a larger group of up to 7, each of these rentals will allow you to move around the island as a group, rather than having to split up into a couple of cars. So, whether on business or pleasure our fleet of automatic transmission sedans, vans and SUV’s which can be equipped with GPS, make the perfect rental vehicles for your island tour. Make your Barbados experience the most productive that it can be. 
Nothing says I’m on vacation in the tropics like driving a Moke. Whether you’re driving an original Mini Moke or the more modern derivatives, like the Kia Picanto based chopped top, your island getaway will be defined by your choice of fun car. Soaking up the sunshine is made as fun as can be with the ability to remove the roof of your door-less hired car. This Group M10 rental car is compact in size, but big on fun and whimsy. We start with a class leading Kia Picanto complete with four seats and automatic transmission and we remove the doors and roof. We relocate the seat belts to maintain the safety of the car, and we add a roll hoop for rigidity and further safety. This pseudo-Moke then receives a small lockable boot for your valuables, while you’re on tour. For all but the longest journeys this fun car is comfortable for four average sized adults or the family of four looking for adventure. The update of this vacation favourite to use a modern chassis, allows for drivability not previously enjoyed on the original Mini Moke.  The ease of use afforded by the automatic transmission means that it can be enjoyed by all with a licence. The short wheel base and tight turning radius, make this rental perfectly agile for those small spaces and tiny beach tracks, not to mention those trips into Bridgetown, where parking can be quite tight. This car is equally well suited to the beach lifestyle. The roll hoops double as the perfect supports for your surfboards, kiteboards or windsurfers, making the canvas roof superfluous The nature of this vehicle means you’ll never be worried about getting in wet or tracking sand back into the cabin, as it will seem as if this is the environment for which this vehicle was made. Because this Bajan version of the Moke is based on the Kia Picanto, it means that it shares part and the legendary Kia reliability. This makes your Barbados runabout a familiar place to be, if you’ve ever driven a Kia. Beach trips are the domain of this little convertible, but it does not mean that the all-weather interior is not a comfortable place to be for your sight-seeing adventures in the Barbados country-side or trips into shopping districts. Have you ever enjoyed a car without doors? Your Barbados island adventure is the perfect place to broaden your horizons and soak up the fun in the sun. So load up your family in your GPS equipped Moke and enjoy your vacation. 

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