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The countdown to Celebrating 50 is taking Barbados by storm

October is synonymous worldwide with everyone in #thinkpink mode celebrating their part in the fight against breast cancer. Barbados is no different, with awareness campaigns at a fever pitch and the definite Caribbean twist is evident in the various events and initiatives planned for the month. However, this year things are a little different. We’re in the final countdown to Celebrating 50! On November 30, 2016, we will be celebrating our 50th anniversary of Independence from England.

There will be Bajans from all over the world converging on the island to join the celebrations. The diaspora has been awakened by the global outreach programmes targeting them and ensuring that everyone is aware of the plans. Integral to those plans is going to be making sure that if you’re travelling, that you’ve booked your hired car well in advance. Car rentals are projected to be at an unprecedented high for this time of year.

If you’re not coming for the celebrations, have no fear, all of the regular attractions available across the island are in full swing. With some planning there are even some off-season bargains to be had, as October is traditionally the month of preparation for much of the tourism stock in the island. Initiatives such as Re-Discover Barbados Dine Around Programme offer visitors the chance to eat top class 3 course meals for a fraction of the normal prices for nosh like this.

Having the freedom of a rental car to drive around the island, also allows tourists the chance to experience the quaint Barbadiana which is Moontown by night, while still being able to make it clear across the island to check out the Friday night action at the Oistins Bay Garden Fish Fry. You can also make the most of your days, with 4-hour catamaran cruises leaving you enough time to nip into Bridgetown for a quick round of duty free shopping or zip up the coast to the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre for luxury shopping par excellence.

No matter what your plans are for your vacation enjoyment or if you’re visiting on business, mobility is the key to making the most of your trip to the island. Barbados is well covered by public transport and there are many taxis available at known tourist points. However, you cannot beat the convenience and savings of having your own hired car at your disposal. Choosing the right rental car company and hiring the right GPS equipped car, is integral to you buckling up and enjoying the ride of a lifetime in Barbados! Excellent Car Rental Service © 2024 Stoutes Car Rentals. All Rights Reserved.
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