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Winter in the Tropics. Why not?

Whether you’re in Barbados for the whole season or just for the holidays, your trip will be a whole lot better with a hired car. But, you’ve got to plan ahead. The winter season is the busiest on the island for arrivals, and, as such, we always find that demand exceeds supply. You’ll find that you need to book your rental early if you’re to avoid disappointment.

Our range of mid-size sedans like the Toyota Corolla, Mazda 3 and Toyota Yaris are usually the most popular due to their great size for families. This size vehicle is also the staple on our roads making them easy to maneuver over the highways, and in the city. They offer great fuel efficiency and are packed with the amenities, including a/c, power accessories and automatic transmissions, you expect from your family car.

We also carry the perennial island holiday favourites, the moke style vehicle and the convertible soft-top SUV. Our Kia Moke is a great convertible runaround offering the ultimate open-air experience. These great little compacts feature no doors, windows and a canvas roof. They’re great for going to the beach or making the island your oyster as you explore the back-roads and country lanes of the interior of the island.

Our other convertible fave is the Suzuki Jimny. This compact SUV is great for couples and families with a couple small children. You’ll find this hired car to be more versatile than you’d think, especially when doing some exploring on country roads or making your way to those beaches only the locals know about.  Its compact size and commanding driving position put you in charge and makes driving on the left even easier for those less familiar. The removable roof is just the icing on the cake!

Remember that a rental car gives you the freedom to explore Barbados at your own pace and can even save you money on transport, depending on your itinerary. So, escape the dreary winter and land your dream vacation in the tropics and remember, we offer the best in fully equipped rental cars and SUVs to make the most of your Barbados vacation. So, load up the GPS and car seats, if you need them, and live your island adventure with the help of your hired car.

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