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Where will your adventure take you?

Hopefully, for you, it’s about as cold as it’s going to be all winter. For us here in the tropics that means it may be in the high 70’s or low 80’s – we can hear your tears from here! Well, we’ll happily welcome you to our sunshine island for a tour around Barbados in your choice of hired car.

Barbados has many great attractions, sights and sounds which are best accessed by the traveller with the freedom to move around on their own schedule. That is what having a rental car means – the freedom to move on your own schedule. If the beach is your thing, then the choice of the perennial island vehicle, the Kia Moke, is the only one that makes sense. The fully convertible top with no doors and functional interior makes it the perfect beach runabout.

If you require a little bit more from your rental, then maybe one of our many SUV’s will fit the bill. From the compact Jimny to the much larger X-Trail the beach explorer in you will have the go anywhere assurance one gets from driving a 4x4. For our adventure sport enthusiasts, this type of hired car is just what you’re looking for to get to the perfect secret spot, or place to launch your kite.

Maybe your idea of a great excursion is taking long drives through the Bajan countryside with your family, just hoping to run into that unspoilt gem off the regular highways and byways.  We’ve got sedans for that. We stock our rental fleet with the right mid-sized sedans that you are familiar with, like the Toyota Corolla, Mazda 3 or Kia Cerrato. If your family is a bit larger, then we suggest a 7 passenger Suzuki APV or Toyota Noah.

For the urban explorer, we suggest a smaller hired car, like the Kia Picanto, Suzuki Swift or Toyota Yaris. For those visiting our UNESCO World Heritage Site attractions and highlights, then moving around the smaller city streets of Bridgetown and its environs is a breeze in these compact stars. Smaller cars well suited to the size of streets makes it far easier for our visitors to get comfortable in their rental car. As a bonus, parking will also be a breeze in the city.

So, when you begin your next island adventure, remember to choose the hired car to best suit your journey. Make sure you get the GPS option to make your trip as enjoyable as possible, and if you’ve got the kids, then the right car seats and safety equipment is going to be indispensable. Buckle up and let your rental carry you on your tour of paradise. Excellent Car Rental Service © 2024 Stoutes Car Rentals. All Rights Reserved.
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