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What have you planned for summer?

It’s that time of year again and summer is nearly here. Do we hear your shouts of joy from here? Yeah, we do! Maybe Barbados is on your itinerary for family’s summer vacation. Maybe it’s not. If it’s not, then you should reconsider.  There’s nothing quite as exciting as a tropical island getaway adventure, or maybe you’re a carnival lover, and Crop Over and Kadooment day are your thing.  Either way, an action-packed holiday framed by pristine white coral beaches and bathed in golden sunshine sounds like a great way to reward yourself and your family.

Integral to your enjoyment of your island getaway is going to be your mode of transportation while on island. A hired car is the way to go for those looking to maximise their trip. The versatile all-rounders from our fleet are the Mazda 3 and Toyota Corolla. These 5-seater sedans are considered midsized, for this market, and are the most popular size and class of cars on the roads locally; and for good reason.

These family-sized sedans are very effective at moving a family with a couple parents and kids, especially if those kids are in car seats. They’re also great for two couples on holiday together who are sharing a car on their island exploration. In Barbados, we drive on the left and have lots of rambling country lanes for you to explore, and you’ll find that the proportions of the Mazda and Toyota can’t be beaten for safely navigating these roads.

As a driver of either of these 4-door saloon cars, you’ll find your trips into the city or other urban areas are a breeze. The comfort of the cool air-conditioned cabins makes these easy to maneuver rental cars nimble enough for easy parking and making your way through the traffic.  The large trunks/boots make these cars great shopping companions with the ability to safely swallow up your purchases and securely store them as you move around the island.  Or maybe you’re using the Corolla or Mazda 3 for your business trip, and these cars will be great for carrying your samples, presentations, display materials, or just your colleagues around the island.

So, whether here for the great summer activities which Crop Over and Kadooment have to offer during the Sweetest Summer Festival or you’re doing a little business or some pleasure, we offer the best in fully equipped rental cars and SUVs to make the most of your Barbados vacation. So load up the GPS and car seats, if you need them, and live your island adventure with the help of your hired car.
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