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Renting a 4x4 in Barbados - Explore Barbados Off the Beaten Track

Barbados,is a location often favoured by the intrepid explorer and the action sport enthusiast alike for its endless possibilities and awesome infrastructure to allow you to enjoy it. For those who like to make every day an adventure into the unknown and an opportunity to enjoy your vacation by getting lost in the island, then hiring an SUV may be the solution for which you’ve been looking.

Remembering that in Barbados we drive on smaller roads than you may be accustomed to and on the other side of the road, if you’re not from the UK or wider Caribbean, then the commanding position and confidence instilled by driving a right sized SUV is just what we’d recommend. We offer a wide range of well sized SUV’s ranging from the Suzuki Jimny to the Ford Eco Sport and Suzuki Grand Vitara which suit the road conditions found on the island and are typical in size of many others on the road.

The two door Suzuki Jimny is perfect for the small family or couple travelling together with no real requirements other than for a rugged reliable vehicle in which to have fun. Available for hire in both hard and soft top, this perennial favourite of the rental market is an agile worker. Easy to park and maneuver around town, this capable little 4x4 also has the ability to go almost anywhere sensible, when you find yourself making your way down the path to that secluded beach or picnic spot.

For those who are travelling as a family of four or five or with friends, the larger Ford Eco Sport or Suzuki Grand Vitara answer the call. A favourite with our families on holiday or those travelling in groups for a surfing adventure of a spot of kite/windsurfing along the island’s south eastern coast. The ability to reach even the most remote surf spots or secret beaches The comfort of its power accessories, efficiently cooling air-conditioning and commanding driving positions, make either of these mid-sized SUV’s a pleasure to drive on island roads.

If travelling with small children, the ability to easily accommodate a couple children’s seats in the rear of the Vitara or Eco Sport is going to be vital to enjoying your island vacation. Adding an optional GPS unit to your rental vehicle is also going to be a decision which is perfect for the explorer in you, who wants the reassurance of knowing you’ll still find your way back to your hotel or in case you discover that perfect hidden gem of a beach and you want to make you way back again.

For those adventure loving holidaymakers, any of our 4x4 vehicles will give you access to all of the island’s best breaks, reefs, or other fun activity areas while easily transporting your gear. Easy to drive with automatic transmissions and full comfort features, our hired cars are your ticket to a wonderful island adventure. Coupled with our 24/7 roadside assistance, a mid-sized SUV is the perfect choice for the family on the go on their tropical vacation in Barbados. Excellent Car Rental Service © 2024 Stoutes Car Rentals. All Rights Reserved.
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