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Explore the North of Barbados

As we open the new year, we wish everyone a happy and healthy 2020. This year Barbados is focused on an initiative to have our citizens return to the island for vacation, investment or retirement; and to offer targeted tourism related events by parish. This month We Gatherin’ Barbados 2020 highlights our northern most parish St. Lucy. This part of the island is one of natural unspoilt beauty, as there are plenty of open spaces and no major towns or hotel products. It is really great for those looking for a bit of authentic Bajan life. To truly explore its charm, one needs to have a hired car.

The attractions of note include the picturesque River Bay inlet and rugged cliffs of North Point. The Animal Flower Cave is another unique attraction which offers visitors the chance to go into the belly of a cliff into a series natural cavernous pockets featuring pools filled with sea flora. A short drive in your hired car will get you up into the north to begin your adventure. The very flat terrain offers sweeping vistas perfect for sight seeing and photography and makes it very easy to navigate by sight. We recommend any visitor to take the drive up to this naturally beautiful parish.

Whether you’re gathering with friends and family or visiting the island as a part of your annual pilgrimage or first-time visit, we suggest a GPS equipped hired car is the way to have an authentic Barbados experience. Leave the drudge of northern winter behind and enjoy the cool tropical breezes of our island!

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