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Getting in Gear for Summer in Barbados

It’s coming into to summer in Barbados and so begin the longer days. However, many first time visitors to the region are always taken aback by the fact that our days are not as long as those in North America or Europe. Remembering we are only 13 degrees north of the equator; our length of days is very stable throughout the year and just as enjoyable no matter the ‘season’!

For us Bajans (Barbadian natives) the summer vibe is definitely palpable as the rhythm of every day is marked by the release of brand new local calypso music and the increase in beach parties and holiday days. Days which revolve around beach activities like surfing, kite-boarding, paddle-boarding, kayaking, you name it, abound during the summer months.  With the kids on vacation, Bajans retreat primarily to the beach to pass the time during the day.

June also marks the beginning of the Barbados Crop Over Festival. This unique Festival celebrates the completion of the local sugar cane harvest and is deeply rooted in the traditions of our ancestors who gave their blood, sweat and tears for this most important cash crop.  So, in true West Indian style, when the hard work is over the partying begins! To keep up with the pace of activities a car is a necessity. There is simply no other way to maximise your visit. (Note that locals will also be hiring cars to keep up, so book yours early)

As mentioned previously, June sees the release of the first of the calypso/soca music for the season. This infectious music is not indigenous to Barbados, but we certainly stamp our high BPM (beats per minute) energy signature on the party songs, with the social commentary element reverting to the more easy groovy speeds. Think of it like Christmas in June/July/August when even standing in line at the local commercial banks is punctuated by the infectious leg shaking rhythms and genuine relaxed vibe of Bajans doing business to the cadence of the day.

For the days in between there is plenty to see and to do. While not the prime season for waves and wind, the longer days and brilliant sunshine still lend themselves to epic beach days and long lazy island tours by 4x4 or by car. Discovery is the name of the game as visitors find themselves wandering aimlessly away from the tourist map, but guided by the comfort of their GPS’ ability to get them back to their hotel.

For the maximum summer enjoyment we recommend a GPS equipped rental car to get you ‘there’ safely and secure in the knowledge that you can find your favourite beach time and time again, or you can get to your next exciting party location known only to Bajans! Make the most of your June with the freedom of a hired car/van/SUV. Excellent Car Rental Service © 2024 Stoutes Car Rentals. All Rights Reserved.
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