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Enjoyment is All Down to the Planning

If you’re planning your dream trip to Barbados, then now would be the opportune time to beat the winter rush.  You may have booked your trip some time ago to take advantage of a special fare or just so that you had that taken care of well ahead of time when you booked your vacation. However, have you confirmed your accommodation, rental car, ground activities and sightseeing?

For a few reasons this is the best time to finalize your details and activities for your Bajan vacation. Choosing a hired car early allows you better choice of make and model. Typically the rental car companies will take reservations for specific needs and with a limited supply of vehicles, the renters who get in the queue first are the ones who end up with exactly what they wanted.  

Sometimes, you can also lock in better rates than with last minute bookings and changes. As the fleet is booked up and the vehicles become more scarce demand can influence the price. By booking your rental early you may be able to take advantage of pre-season rates and specials offered to the early birds. This is especially important around the peak demand times such as Christmas and New Year’s.

Similarly, you will find that Barbados offers some of the best dining in the world. Due to its relatively small size, intense tourism focus and availability of fine fresh ingredients our restaurant stock is incredible. This means reservations are almost always required in the high season for fine dining and for those special nights during your holiday, you may need to book now in order to get that special table.

Barbados, as a destination, offers many attractions beyond and magnificent sea and sand and sun. The freedom of a rental car to explore the island and visit these attractions at your leisure can be very appealing to most. To really make the most of your trip we would recommend that you pre-plan and pre-book the attractions which mean the most to making your vacation special. Whether it be that catamaran cruise, pirate ship adventure, off-roading island tour or a visit to the world famous Harrison’s Cave.

Little known fact: Barbados has the 11th most dense road network in the world. This makes for a great adventure when exploring the countryside in your hire car. It also means that with so much of the island accessible by paved road, a trip around the island in a day is very doable, but for maximum fun and enjoyment a couple of parishes a day will more than hold your attention. You will, though, want to plan your route to the map or by geographical location of places of interest and then let your GPS do the work. We rent GPS units for those who prefer the comfort of knowing exactly where they will end up. For the intrepid, Bajan locals are always willing to assist a lost tourist, and get them back on their way. Usually by way of the local watering hole just so dehydration is never a factor.

At the end of it, it really is down to how much you want to fuss with details while in paradise or whether you just want to gas up your rental car and make a beeline for the action. Plan your fun wisely! Excellent Car Rental Service © 2024 Stoutes Car Rentals. All Rights Reserved.
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