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Barbados Offers a Tropical Christmas


 December 1 is the official kick off of the Christmas season in Barbados, as far as us Bajans are concerned. With Independence celebrations culminating on November 30th, we slide straight into the joy of the holiday season. And what a festive celebration it is on the island. Bajans love Christmas and there is a definite buzz in the atmosphere as you drive around the island.

For us, the season brings with it stronger tradewinds blowing cooler breezes dropping the average temperatures to around29°C / 84°F during the day and cooling to a pleasant 23°C / 73°F at night. However, it does feel a lot more enjoyable than it may sound, and sure beats a bitter winter!  Rainfall also starts to diminish in December, as we prepare to enter the official dry season at the turn of the year.

But, I digress.  If you’ve never experienced a tropical Christmas, then this is the place to be. Traditional decorations and lighting adorn all business places during the season, with visitors often remarking how different it feels to see wreaths and garlands outside, but it’s not snowing. Local homes are also subject to the annual spruce up, and many homes get fresh coats of paint and are themselves decorated beautifully for all driving by to enjoy. Bajans take great pride in showing off their homes at this time of year.

As with any celebration in Barbados there are traditional culinary treats which accompany the celebrations. Alongside the worldwide staples of turkey and ham, there are also local delicacies such as peas and rice, using fresh pigeon peas, macaroni pie, and jug-jug. Jug-jug is a local delicacy made using fresh pigeon peas as the basis for a casserole. To finish off any holiday meal is the ubiquitous Bajan Great Cake or Black Cake and a cold glass of sorrel. This is a very rich fruit cake which is made with relatively high rum/sugar cane brandy, port wine, falernum and stout content.  The only other time Bajans typically enjoy this treat is at weddings, where it is also the traditional cake.

One of the great treats for a tourist at this time of year on the island is to drive your hired car around the countryside and follow your nose. Let that be your guide to the freshest ham out of the local Rum Shop’s oven.  Of course, all of the traditional attractions on both the beach and land side of the island are always there to lure you back after every enjoyable expedition. With the relatively warm temperatures in the air goes the warm water temperatures, which means you can always enjoy a relaxing ‘sea bath’ at the end of a long day.

As ever, we encourage you to buckle up and let your GPS be your guide, loosely, as you explore our lovely Barbados in your rental car.  Meet a few locals and make your Christmas experience one which you will remember for the rest of your life. Happy Holidays! Excellent Car Rental Service © 2023 Stoutes Car Rentals. All Rights Reserved.
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