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Barbados by Moke

One of the primary reasons you’ve chosen Barbados for your vacation is the lovely warm sunshine and the white sand beaches. To make the most of this dream vacation we suggest you open your mind to driving a Moke (ETAN). Our Kia Mokes are based on a Kia Picanto (ECAR) chassis with the doors and roof removed. The resultant vehicle pays homage to the original Mini Moke, which was, quite honestly, one of the most fun vehicles you could ever drive! For the ultimate beach lifestyle rental car, we suggest this fun for you.

Best experienced with the canvas top down and sunscreen liberally applied, the Kia Moke (ETAN) offers fuel efficient driving fun with the creature comforts of its enclosed brother, but with natural ‘air-conditioning’. Going to the beach in this fun hired car means just loading up and not worrying about the sand or water as you enjoy your al fresco adventure. This does not mean that cruising the countryside in your rental is not going to be a comfortable adventure as well. Barbados, with its abundant sunshine and even temperatures means that the top may never come up on your holiday. We hope you’re so lucky!

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