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Barbados a Destination of Pride & Industry

November is a special month in Barbados. It is the month in which we celebrate our independence from England; gained on November 30, 1966. Typically buildings and roundabouts are decorated and lit from the beginning of the month right up until the big day, making it a beautiful month long festival of our heritage. The celebrations make for the perfect segue way into the Christmas season, almost as if planned by the architects of independence. 

As a visitor to the island driving your way around Barbados the sights of ultramarine, gold and black draped on buildings, walls and fences you cannot help but feel the pride which the average Bajan feels about his national colours and sharing that with his fellow countrymen. The nights after the national lighting ceremony on November 1st are always prettiest, with the buildings, roadways and businesses all coming alive with the colour.

As a former British colony and current Commonwealth nation, Barbados still celebrates many traditions held over from the pre-independence days. It is not unusual to find daily afternoon teas being served in restaurants and hotels across the island. Another tradition passed on is the love of a good beer. Although in this climate the choice is ‘beastly cold’ and more often than not it is the local favourite Banks Beer.

In your travels, as you wind your way around the island in your hired car, we would strongly encourage the sampling of the local fare. This is another dimension of the celebrations being enjoyed. Local favourites include conkies, cou-cou and flying fish, sea eggs, rice & stew and the ubiquitous ‘pie’ – macaroni and cheese pie to the tourists. Conkies can typically only be gotten at this time of year, and are looked forward to all year long.

Bajans are also incredibly proud of our achievements as a country and through standout Barbadians locally and around the globe. During November and leading up to Independence Day, you will definitely learn more about the Caribbean and Barbados’ achievements in business and industry. It is our national motto, after all. There is a saying – ‘you’ll find a Bajan everywhere’ – and this is no more true than when those doing exceptional things are identified, no matter where in the world they are. From the most famous pop/R&B artist in the world to the titans of the cricket field and those in the sciences, putting Barbados on the map is always a worth by-product of their labour.

So remember, to plan your trip carefully to allow you the freedom to explore our island and leave here with the feeling that it could also be your own. Turn on the GPS in your hired car and let the adventure begin, to say nothing of the lifelong love affair with Barbados. Happy 49th Anniversary of Independence, Barbados! Excellent Car Rental Service © 2024 Stoutes Car Rentals. All Rights Reserved.
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