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Are you Ready to Escape to Barbados Yet?

As winter continues to rage on and the storms get worse, your resolve wears thin and the need to escape to a warmer climate grows within. Barbados is the tonic you’re searching for. Snowzilla has so far been the worst of the North American winter storms for snow and its impact on the larger metropolitan areas of the eastern US, but luckily Barbados is just a few hours away from JFK or MIA, allowing the lucky travellers a chance to change their latitude and their attitude on the same day.

January ended with a bang, as the Team Concise 70 trimaran, Ms. Barbados (MS70), shattered the round the island record in the 70th anniversary Mount Gay Round the Island Race. By almost 50% was the record lowered by both Ms. Barbados and her sister boat Phaedo3.  Also falling by the way side was the windsurfing round the island record, at the hands of Charles Trevor Hunte.  The J/24’s were almost in on the act, but missed by the slimmest of margins this year. If yachting is your bag, there’s plenty more J/24 action coming up in the first half of the year.

The steady tradewinds also bring with them the windsurfers and kiteboarders frolicking in the warm Caribbean waters and enjoying the cooler winter temperatures during the day and night. To keep up with the winds and the swells a hired car is a must, as the freedom allows for maximum fun! Also on the water the fishermen are kept busy with the charter season in full swing, and plenty of boats and adventures for visiting anglers to find the right fit for them.

Barbados in February also means that polo is kicking off, and Thursdays and Sundays take on a whole new meaning for the glitterati. Driving from field to field is a part of the allure, as are the tailgate picnics and teas. If you’re visiting, rentals cars, are a must if you would like to enjoy the matches like a local.  Of course there’s also the full VIP experience also available and is another popular option among visitors and locals alike.

For those really missing the sports of the summer, the appeal of world class golf in the middle of your winter must make a visit to Barbados top of your list. Because of the lower daytime temperatures, golf is that much more pleasurable at this time of year, but the challenge also increases with the steady northeast trades blowing strong across any of the island’s championship courses.  Whether you’re on the Old Nine at Sandy Lane or playing the public course at Durants, the feeling is the same when you know your neighbour is shoveling snow and you’re swinging your clubs.

So remember to book your rental car early and make sure you take the GPS option if you’re planning to maximise your time in the sun! Barbados invites you to escape your winter and make the most of your tropical getaway! Excellent Car Rental Service © 2023 Stoutes Car Rentals. All Rights Reserved.
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