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Winter in Barbados

As the throes of winter grip the southern Caribbean we in Barbados are trying to make the best of the average 26°C (79°F) temperatures sweeping the island! Life’s rough in the tropics! Don’t you wish you could ‘complain’ about the same in your beloved homeland?

January in Barbados is well and truly in the height of our winter tourist season and, as such, demand is quite high for all things tourism related. Whether it is hotel rooms, hired/rental cars, ground tours, airline bookings or just dinner reservations, if you haven’t already made your arrangements then you’ll be in a bind to get your pick of activities and attractions for your vacation.

The relatively cooler temperatures during the day, and at night, make it perfect for our friends from the north to escape their winter to the very pleasant cooling breezes provided by the prevailing trade winds. Beach going is especially comfortable at this time of year, as the intensity of the sun’s rays is mitigated by the lower temperatures.  Similarly, going out at night is a joy in the ‘chilled’ air. During the high season many restaurants, especially on the Gold & Platinum Coasts (West Coast) tend to take on a more formal posture at night, and as such, long pants/trousers and long sleeves become de rigueur for the more swanky restaurants and lounges.

For the more adventurous or active amongst us January, and especially cold fronts from the north can bring with them the coveted north swell. For surfers, this is the swell that they are looking forward to all year. The arrival of these swells means that there will be some of the best surf in the world wrapping all the way around from the world class Soup Bowl to the West Coast of the island.  The only way to effectively get the best out of these brief epic conditions is with a car. Hired SUV’s/Jeeps are the way to go if you’re chasing the elusive perfect wave.

The previously mentioned prevailing and sustained trade winds blowing across the island also make it perfect for wind sports. Kite surfing and wind surfing take to the fore in the south east of the island, with Silver Rock and Silver Sands coming alive with professionals and highly skilled amateurs honing their skills and training for the upcoming summer seasons in their native lands and on the professional circuit.

Also world famous is the round Mount Gay Round Barbados Yacht Race. Now in its 80th year, this race features yachts from around the world and throughout the Caribbean all vying to break the records and beat their class rivals to line honours. If you love sailing, you are treated to everything from MOD70 Trimarans doing 40 plus knots, to J/24 racers. Following this series around the island in your rental car is a must in January.

Remember, book your car early and include the GPS option if you want to thoroughly enjoy your January experience in Barbados. The island has so much to offer, especially at this time of year, that you’ll miss it all without the freedom of your own transportation. You can decide if you want to enjoy or endure the winter! Excellent Car Rental Service © 2023 Stoutes Car Rentals. All Rights Reserved.
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