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It’s Carnival Time!

July heralds the height of the carnival season, or Crop Over, as it’s known in Barbados. The season peaks during this month, with parties happening on most nights, which feature mini-concerts from the leading calypsonians of the day. Calypso/Soca music is the rhythm of the country, with pulsating beats emanating from every available speaker or public address system.

A large part of the Crop Over season and the run up to the annual jump up, or Grand Kadooment, is the return of family.  For many a Bajan (Barbadian native) it is just like Christmas in July, with the arrival of friends and family, especially coming in from North America.  For tourists, this means ensuring that amenities like your hired car are booked well in advance, as there will be high demand during this period.

Food also features during the festival and the festivities as local culinary delights from fresh flying fish, dolphin (Mahi Mahi) or Kingfish with coucou to Saturday pudding & souse and Sunday Roast Pork and ‘pie’ and rice and peas. Grand meals are shared by friends and families at the multitude of picnics and luncheons and limes (informal gatherings of friends with libations and food).

For the visitor to the island, being mobile is a must, as a typical day can find you going from your typical beach/catamaran tour right into an early evening ‘lime’ at any popular watering hole to full on fêtes lasting well into the early morning. Local rums and beers are the stars of the show when it comes to the cocktails available at every turn.

Even at the height of the Crop Over season the standard Barbados charm and allure is abundant and enjoyable as always. Even with the huge demand on the tourism product at this time, there are still great deals to be had and relaxing pastimes to be enjoyed. Moderate summer temperatures and warm Caribbean sea water form the perfect mix of ingredients for a summer vacation.

For the maximum summer enjoyment we recommend a GPS equipped rental car to get you ‘there’ safely and secure in the knowledge that you can find your favourite beach or party or lime time and time again! Make the most of your Crop Over season with the freedom of a hired car/van/SUV. Excellent Car Rental Service © 2023 Stoutes Car Rentals. All Rights Reserved.
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